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Behind the Scenes at Integral Spiritual Experience 2: The Future of Love – Marc Gafni

Marc Gafni » Blog - Spiritually Incorrect » Eros-Ethics-Meaning » World Spirituality » Behind the Scenes at Integral Spiritual Experience 2: The Future of Love – Marc Gafni
This year’s ISE was a shot heard ‘round the web. From blogs to tweets, pictures to videos – including a live web stream with on demand video playback – this year’s ISE was more social than ever! So what did you miss? Check out our ISE 2 Social Recap below…
ISE 2 Keynote Address: Daphne Rose Kingma by Joe Perez
These are some of the highlights of moments that stand out to me throughout the keynote address, and not a transcript or summary…read more
A Love Letter to the Integral Community by Corey W. deVos
Today is the first full day of the ISE conference/practice sesshin, and I already find my nervous system bombarded by all of your names, faces, and stories. There is so little time and so little space of mind to sift through the anxious buzz and fully soak all of you in!…read more
ISE 2 Morning Session: Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder by Joe Perez
This morning ISE 2 participants are treated to reflections by Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder, a husband-wife team of spiritual teachers specializing in the path of relationships and mutuality. Here are some of the highlights that drifted through my awareness…read more
Deepak Chopra on Consciousness and Love by Angela Raines
In a time when controversy and charisma are more common in spiritual teachers than not, it’s practically unsettling to listen to someone like Deepak Chopra. Last night he took the stage at the main hall here in Monterey, to the great delight of nearly 500 Integral enthusiasts….read more
ISE 2 Morning Session: Warren Farrell by Joe Perez
Warren walks out on stage. Holy smokes… where the HELL is the beard? I am seated at the back of the room (maybe I can’t see it). Okay, I’m calming down now. The goatee… not so sure about it, but moving on….read more
Marc Gafni’s New Year’s Eve Keynote: Entering the Holy of the Holies by Haven Iverson
Whenever I talk with Marc Gafni on the phone to discuss book-related matters at Sounds True, there is almost always a point in the conversation when he takes a long pause, lowers his voice, and then says, “Are you ready to now enter the holy of the holies?”…read more
The Sweetness of Separation by Angela Raines
Throughout this week at the Integral Spiritual Experience 2, we’re exploring love in a particular way. We’re imagining desire as one with the very force of evolution, which also and simultaneously evolves, itself. Throughout its unfolding out of and into and through itself, love moves through three predictable stages or flavors: 1. falling in love; 2. separation and conflict; 3. sweetness or the reintegration and reunification which transcends and includes both the original sweetness and the differentiation….read more
ISE 2 Morning Session: Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D. by Joe Perez
In moments, Gabriel Cousens will be presenting to ISE 2 on “Sweetness and Enlightened Relationship.” The opening bell is ringing. What follows is a liveblog of notes and impressions from the presentation, not a transcript….read more
Sally Kempton: Love and Pain in Your Relationship to Spirit at ISE 2 by Haven Iverson
One of the many things I love about Sally is her gorgeous and penetrating voice—the flow and cadence of it and how she is able to drop me into the depth of my being. I would attend her workshops for her voice alone. But beyond this, Sally is a profoundly deep reservoir of knowledge. She is known for her ability to draw from her own training, the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, but she is also inspiring in her ability to draw on the wisdom of many religious paths….read more
ISE 2 Morning Session: Ken Wilber by Joe Perez
The following post reflects not only Ken’s words but also incorporates my own perspectives and impressions, and is not intended as a literal transcript….read more
Check out more pictures from the event, graciously taken and shared by our photographers Jason Digges, Clint Fuhs, and Adam Shemper, and post your photos at: Flickr
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We will be back in touch periodically throughout the year with related updates and the latest news on Integral Spiritual Experience, including the ISE 2 Media Collection. Stay tuned!


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