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Outrageous Love & Unique Self

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In this delightful conversation, Daniel remarks that Marc brought in so many key pieces that if fully understood and embodied within humanity, could alleviate much of the social problems that currently exist.

They point out that the three of them coming together to create this course is the evolutionary process in action. If they did not love each other, they could not do this. By loving each other, they create a synergy that moves the evolutionary story forward. If they egoically claimed this story, then they couldn’t move it forward. They honor each other’s uniqueness, and in witnessing each other shine with divine pride from sharing their teachings, they are radically loving each other. Synergy is really another word for outrageous love.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why acknowledging that evolution has an interior is a major step towards addressing philosophical materialism
  • What synergy is and the central role it plays in evolution
  • Barbara’s Three E’s of Evolutionary Consciousness
  • A mistake people often make about the role of randomness in evolution
  • The distinction between randomness and disaster
  • How Unique Self ends comparison and competition
  • How to reclaim the word obligation


This is an excerpt from our online course “Becoming a Future Human”

Becoming a Future Human, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marc Gafni, Daniel SchmachtenbergerWho do we need to become in order for humanity to make it though its current dangerous technological adolescence and to create a world that is truly commensurate with our full human, scientific, social, spiritual, and technological capabilities? If you are here to embody your unique gift fully for the benefit of all life and play your role as a steward of the coscffmos and the birth of a new humanity, then welcome! This course is for everyone that knows humanity is at the brink of an epochal shift, that believes we can create the world the great sages knew was possible, and that wants to be a part of co-creating that world together.

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