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Divine Eros

Welcome! Eros matters. Eroticism matters.

Eroticism is not merely sex. The sexual, sex models Eros, it models what it means to live erotically in every dimension of your life. To live erotically is to be on the inside, to experience fullness of presence, to participate in the yearning force of being, to feel your wholeness, your interconnectivity with the all, to access the fullness of your imagination, to experience the masculine and feminine that live in your life, loving you open and inviting you to love the moment open.

To experience the fullness of union with the higher reality, to have time stop still and enter in to that timeless time, and placeless place. To feel the fullness of your creativity, your longing, awake in you. To be erotic is to be alive.

Are you ready my friend, to begin to live the fullness of your erotical life?

You have two choices in the world: wake up erotically or die. Wake up. Join us.

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