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Books with Integral Publishers by Dr. Marc Gafni

Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment (with Foreword and Afterward by Ken Wilber)

Integral Publishers, 2012

According to the leading voices in the field of contemporary spirituality this long awaited volume “changes the game”. Unique Self changes the game both in terms of our understanding of what enlightenment means and why it matters and even more importantly, in terms of our understanding of the self and its relationship to the larger contexts of life and relationship.  The evolutionary emergent of Unique Self is both a new chapter in Integral theory as well as a powerful evolution of the very idea and experience of enlightenment. Unique Self enlightenment is the emergence of the personal beyond the impersonal, self beyond ego. It is the manifestation of personal individuation beyond ego. The implications of this revolutionary and evolutionary teaching for enlightenment, evolutionary spirituality, shadow work, love, sexuality, parenting, education, politics, relationship, evolutionary we —space and much more are brilliantly and beautifully evoked in this ground breaking volume.

Radical Kabbalah: Unique Self and Nondual Humanism: The Great Enlightenment Teaching of Ethics and Eros from Mordechai Lainer of Izbica (Vol. 1)

This “magisterial” academic volume as Sally Kempton referred to it lays the ground work for key dimensions of the Unique Self teaching. Compared by Prof. Richard Mann with the work of Elaine Pages on the gnostic gospels and called by young integral scholar Zak Stien, a work that comes around “once in a generation”, Gafni introduces in this work the enlightenment teaching of what he terms non-dual humanism. Based on a deep re-reading of over a thousand Aramaic and Hebrew texts, Gafni first outlines the core teaching and then traces the esoteric intellectual history of non dual humanism in five major matrices of the Kabbalah.  In the vision of non dual humanism the the potential democratization of enlightenment opens up a a genuine option in which every human being is called to lives “as Source”.  Sean Esbjorn Hargens cited this work as a classic example of what leading scholar Jeffery Kripal calls Mystical Hermenutics in which the scholar practitioner brings his full eros and love into unlocking and evolving vital lineage sources and sharing them with the world.

Radical Kabbalah: The Wisdom of Solomon as the Matrix of the Enlightenment Teaching of Unique Self and Non Dual Humanism (Vol. 2)

In the second academic volume of this set, Gafni cracks an esoteric code deep within the kabbalistic tradition which identifies  “wisdom of Solomon” as being the source of the teaching of non dual humanism. Gafni then shows that this teaching of the wisdom of Solomon, i.e. non dual humanism, did not originate with Mordechai Lainer of Izbica. Rather it has deep roots in earlier Zoharic and Lurianic texts all of whom received and transmitted the non dual humanism teaching of the wisdom of Solomon. Never the less it remained to Mordechai Lainer of Izbica to fully explicate and evolve the radically empowering implication of this ancient teaching. In this volume Gafni carefully and rigorously uncovers the hidden teaching of the wisdom of Solomon as they appear in encoded within Hasidic writings waiting to be discovered.

Tears:  First Steps Towards Integral Religion

Re-Visioning Rosh Hashanah

Integral Publishers, Fall 2012

This poignant and evocative volume invites the reader into a radical paradigm shift in understanding religion and ritual. The volume takes as it’s case study the Jewish holy day of Rosh Hashanah, the Hebrew New Year celebration. Gafni then re-reads the entire corpus of liturgical literature on the New Year and reveals a key hidden theme — crying. Specifically Gafni identifies twelve major forms of tears and the archetypes that enact these forms of crying. Gafni leading voice in the evolution of religion which emerges from his place as a passionate  “insider” is fully crystallized in this volume.  He lives and breathes the sacred texts, imbued by and transmitting their energy even as deploys the ecstatic scholarship of the master, in reverentially yet boldly evolving their meaning.

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