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There’s a gorgeous ancient text which writes “All the gates are closed, the gates of tears are not closed.” (Hebrew) To be able to open the gate to your tears, to be able to follow the path of your tears, to be able to listen and discern the voice of your tears, to be able to distinguish between different forms of tears, because not all tears are the same.

Did you know the actually different kinds of tears have different chemical compositions? But more deeply, that exterior fact expresses an interior reality. The insights, the texture of each form of crying is completely different. And being able to hear the voice of your tears, to transform tears of depression into tears of transformation, to be able to take crying of anguish into crying of ecstasy, to be able to know how to sit in the crying of pain and let it lead you to tears of joy.

That’s the path of the wise woman, the wise man, the awakened one, the enlivened one. Welcome to your life. The path? The path of tears. Tears that open up every gate, that open up every door, that unlock all that holds the invitation to the fullness of your greatness, to the fullness of your aliveness, to the fullness of your contribution.

Welcome to the gate of tears.


Tears of Transformation

Tears are the story of your life, the story of my life. Your life is the evolution of your tears. What would it mean to keep a tears journal, the times that you cried and begin to be able to hear the voice of your tears? We wrote an entire book on integral religion and your own path to waking up, growing up, showing up, which is the path of your tears.

The name of the book is Tears, you can find it under our list of books, and here you can find some of the initial articles, invitations, conversations, audios around the journey of tears.

To be a human being is to cry. Every time you cry, you cry for all the times that you never cried before.

Knowing how to walk the path of tears and to turn the tears of pain into tears of transformation, to know how to sit in the pain and then find the tears of joy, to access breakthrough crying, tears of full breakthrough, to discern between authentic crying which captures the depth of the moment and crying which is the strategy, a strategy of the ego. All of these are invitations to deepening, to waking up on the path of your tears.


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