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Politics and Society


We live in a time of tremendous social and political upheaval, and CosmoErotic Humanism attempts to address these issues at their root. The political implications of New Stories of Universe, Identity, Power, and Eros are profound. The global threat of existential risk must be addressed at the level of cultural and religious innovation. This is part of the task of the Center of World Philosophy and Religion.


Your Unique Self: An Integral Path to Success 3.0

Your Unique Self 3.0 is a re-edited and condensed release of Marc Gafni’s groundbreaking book Your Unique Self (Integral Publishers, 2012) targeted to spiritually conscious entrepreneurs and changemakers establishing their connection with the larger world.

There are two great questions that every person must answer: Who are you? Are you willing to play a larger game? Every person is an irreducibly unique expression of All-That-Is. Every individual has unique gifts with the ability to address a unique need–a unique need that can only be addressed by that person. Marc Gafni and Kate Maloney explore enlightenment within a modern context from the perspective of holding a worldcentric and kosmocentric consciousness, experiencing both compassion for and identity with the larger world.

Become the hero of your own life. Wake up. Grow up. Show up. Free up the enlightened creativity of your entrepreneurial spirit.

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Forbes: John Mackey, Co-CEO Of Whole Foods, And Marc Gafni On ‚ÄėThe Unique Self Of Business‚Äô


John Mackey, the co-CEO of Whole Foods, is the author (with Raj Sisodia) of Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business of Capitalism. Philosopher Marc Gafni, Ph.D., president of the Center for World Spirituality, is the author of Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment.

While these are very different books, the authors have been in dialogue for years now about interesting crossovers in their thinking. In this dialogue, we captured some of the new ideas the two thinkers are pioneering for the future of business, centering around their concept of ‚ÄúThe Unique Self Business.‚ÄĚ

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Gafni about Conscious Entrepeneurship:

Generally, an entrepreneur‚Äôs self-understanding is that I’m wild, creative, slightly narcissistic, sort of out of control, and just trying to do my life and make it happen, make a ton of money and find a vehicle for my wild creativity. And that’s all good.

But when the entrepreneur self-references in that way and I’ve talked to thousands of the entrepreneurs about exactly this, the entrepreneur self-perception is ultimately of being narcissistic, more than slightly greedy, self-involved and the entrepreneur that loses a sense of their infinite, gorgeous value and how utterly, wildly, essentially necessary the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is for the future of reality itself.

You see my friends; the entrepreneur is not actually alienated from reality. The entrepreneur is not lost in a self-reference, cut off from the universe; actually we live in an entrepreneurial universe. The nature of reality itself is entrepreneurial. Quarks, subatomic particles, seek connection with other particles to create a higher value proposition which is called Atoms. Atoms seek connection, interpenetration, relationship with other atoms to create a higher value proposition which is called molecules.

And in fact, there is an entrepreneurial drive in reality itself. In the Santa Fe Institute, the mid 80s, they talked about this as the fifth force of the universe. In this fifth force, this erotic entrepreneurial drive seeks new creativity, new meaning, and new value all the time. And to be an entrepreneur is to be an expression, an embodied personal face of this entrepreneurial impulse, this evolutionary impulse which is core to reality itself.

Actually, my friends, we have finite resources, we have finite resources in the physical world and we have a desperate need to expand our resources. We can only expand our resources through our one infinite resource. That is an entrepreneurial creativity, our ability to create new possibility. Actually, source, essence, which some people called God, the evolutionary impulse is the possibility of possibility.

The possibility of possibility awakens through entrepreneurship. It’s actually entrepreneurs, all of us viewing ourselves as entrepreneurs with our unique gift to give, that will actually save the world that will actually transform our planet. It is the ecstatic urgency of the entrepreneurial impulse which is going to take us to next step. That’s the beginning, that’s the opening to what we are calling conscious entrepreneurship.

Welcome to this conversation. We need you. We need your voice. We need your creativity. We are inviting all of you to step in to this journey of evolutionary transformation, wild creativity and profound prosperity in every level of reality.

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