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Private Study with Dr. Marc Gafni

Step into the Heart of the Center for Integral Wisdom Trans-lineage Practice…

The future of our world depends on the great realization of love: that which unites us is infinitely greater then that which divides us. For the first time in the history of the human race, we are able to rise beyond the place of our birth, our religion of origin, our family circle and choose to live our highest truth. This truth transcends and includes all of our personal history even as it invites us to our singular and unique evolutionary destiny.

The Spiritual teaching for this age must be drawn from all of the great traditions of Spirit, pre-modern, modern, and post-modern. These great understandings must be lovingly integrated into a space of open heart, community and insight that has the power and the compassion to guide us on the next stage of our personal and global journey.

We live in an intimate Universe.

Every single pore of you is loved and accepted in Love.

Every single corner of you is actually seen in Love.

Every corner of you is held and witnessed in Love.

Every part of you is spoken to and addressed in Love.

Dr. Marc Gafni

The lineage is transmitted by a lineage master.

The term means different things in different traditions. We use it to mean someone who not only knows, but also has absorbed into and incarnated in their being, the wisdom of his or her lineage. This does not suggest that a lineage master is perfect or incapable of making mistakes.

It in no way suggests you give over your personal authority and responsibility for your life to your teacher.

What it does suggest is a passionate commitment to love, truth, courageous transformation, unflinching integrity, ruthless honesty that is demanding and forgiving, even as it merges with unending compassion, selfless service, wide and deep mind and heart.

It also suggests a mastery of levels of inner depth, wisdom, meaning and heart, which the teacher— with all of his heart and mind — is committed to gifting to you.

Much as some of the classic traditions, Dr. Marc has accepted a group of students.

Unlike those traditions, Dr. Marc will both give genuine transmission as a teacher even as he co-creates with his autonomous students, a study track that meets their unique needs of heart, spirit and mind.

We reject for our community the image of the teacher as Guru. The teacher and student are both fully autonomous. They are both imperfect vessels for the light. The teacher holds absolutely no spiritual authority of any kind whatsoever over the student. At the same time, we use the designation teacher and student to enable the sharing and transmission of wisdom.

In our community we believe that the teachers must incarnate both Spiritual attainment, humility, willingness to own mistakes made, a commitment to constant deepening, giving over of his life fully to the Mystery, profound natural Spiritual authority, profound respect for his students’ autonomy, coupled with radical delight at all he can learn from his students. This dialectical balance requires a profound and mature autonomous student who can both be a student and master in the same moment.

You can absolutely be a full practitioner in a particular lineage and study with a particular teacher and at the same time also be a student of the trans-lineage path.

The Sacred Teacher Student Covenant: Privilege and Responsibility

  1. The student commits to purify and open their heart and mind to receive mind and heart transmission.
  2. The teacher commits to purify and open his heart to give heart and mind transmission.
  3. The teacher will own his Spiritual responsibility and authority even as the student owns his Spiritual responsibility, authority and autonomy.
  4. Teacher and student recognize both the fixed nature and the fluidity of their roles. A deep commitment to honor and uphold the teacher is taken on by the student even as the teacher commits to uphold, guide, honor and love the student. The teacher is committed to the radical independence and autonomy of the student at all times. The authority of the student over their own lives always overrides the authority of the teacher.

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