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Hebrew Wisdom

Welcome to Hebrew Wisdom!

In this section, there are videos, audios, and many many articles or pieces of articles that I wrote until the year 2006, where my primary engagement and interface with reality was as an orthodox rabbi. I remain a rabbi today and it is one of my great, great honors to serve in that lineage tradition; but I don’t practice or teach within a classically Jewish contexts. I teach within an integral wisdom or world spirituality contexts.

I have moved from a kind of ethnocentric Jewish consciousness to a world centric or a cosmocentric consciousness in which the Jewish instruments are critical instruments, a critical part of the symphony. But I am more engage today in the kind of common or shared music, the depth structures that unite the entire symphony.

Nonetheless, my root lineage, my root identity, remains in Hebrew wisdom, and so, I’m sharing with you here articles on a plethora of topics, mysticism, spirituality, psychology, which seek to understand, unpack and transform the core structures of Jewish thought. Enjoy it.

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