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Certainty & Uncertainty

In the old world of religion it was about faith, and faith met certainty. I’m sure about everything. Lack of faith, doubt was the devil, the enemy, uncertainty. Uncertainty was a mark of loss of faith.

In the new evolutionary understanding, in the new emergent shared spiritual language that we’re trying to articulate, there’s a very different understanding of the dance of certainty and uncertainty.

Certainty now means not it is true, not the dogma of it is true but I am true, having a core certainty of your own being, a core realization of your own infinite worth, adequacy, and dignity. It’s the certainty of self. It’s the certainty of living in a world in which the patterns connect. It’s the certainty of knowing that there is the ground of being, of meaning that holds you. It’s the certainty that life matters. It’s the certainty that I am true, that life is true.

And uncertainty changes as well. It’s not actually that uncertainty is the enemy. It’s that certainty and uncertainty dance together. They live together. I need to be able to own, to claim my certainty and then to acknowledge and bow before the mystery, before the uncertainty. To be able to hold uncertainty is part of the path of spiritual maturity. To not quickly resolve my uncertainty, to claim a false certainty which will allow me security, to be able to stay in the uncertainty, hold the “maybe” is a critical part of the path of the uncertainty.

In these books and in this section of articles we unpack, both from ancient sources and from a contemporary perspective, what it means in your life to actually hold the spiritual maturity, the enlightenment of being able to dance between certainty and uncertainty in your own life.

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