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Radical Kabbalah

Welcome to Radical Kabbalah!

Radical Kabbalah is one of the deep root sources of my original lineage in Kabbalah. It has two volumes, about a thousand pages, 700 pages each one, which trace couple of thousand years of Aramaic texts and link them together to unpack a vision of the lineage of Unique Self. The lineage of what I’ve called nondual humanism, what my teacher, Mordechai Lainer of Izbica, the Chassidic master who is the root master in this lineage calls the Wisdom of Solomon.

In volume 1, I work with a set of texts written of Mordechai Lainer, in a book called Mei Ha-Shiloach, the waters of shiloah, which is a spring, which was outside the temple of Jerusalem; and still, you can go find it in Jerusalem today.

And this work, mei ha-shiloah, the still waters that run deep, is one of the most profound mystical texts ever written and sets the ground for a new nondual humanism, which is a spiritual language, perhaps the most compelling spiritual language, that can light our world up, that can open us up to our aliveness, to our ethics, to our Eros, in a world which desperately needs a vision of the patterns that connect.

All of my later work on Unique Self is rooted in a number of sources, but one of them is this lineage called Radical Kabbalah in these two volumes: The first volume deals with the primary texts, mei ha-shiloach, Mordechai Lainer of Izbica’s primary texts. The second volume of Radical Kabbalah deals with a hidden, genre of sacred texts in this work, mei ha-shiloach, which is encoded, it’s actually not available, scholars all missed it.

It’s hinted at, it’s alluded to, through a word, a key code phrase, and I began to notice that the glimmerings of this code, when I was studying with my partner Avram in Israel some ten years ago and I traced, and together we traced, some of the code and began to unpack it. A cluster of sources all alluded to by the word wine. A cluster of sources alluded to by the word Solomon. A cluster of sources alluded to by the word ti uvta di nukva, the passion of the feminine. A cluster of sources alluded to by the word Reiach, fragrance. A cluster of sources which had the name King David in it; and each cluster of sources is a dimension of this hidden esoteric strain called “the wisdom of Solomon” or nondual humanism which is at the end, all about what I’ve called Unique Self enlightenment.

So, welcome. Welcome to the lineage root of the Unique Self teachings. Welcome to nondual humanism.

And nondual humanism is not about me. It’s not about my scholarly work or it’s not about my Da Vinci code work. Maybe the best way to understand this work on the wisdom of Solomon, if you remember that old book at the end of twentieth century called the Da Vinci codes, where you unpack the hidden code? That’s pretty much what happened here. I’ve unpacked over a number of years a hidden code in the sacred Aramaic text tradition.

And it’s the code which is the source, ultimately of the Mary Magdalene tradition. It’s the source of the Eros tradition, the source of the grail quest tradition, it’s a tradition of Eros, of Eros embodied in your Unique Self awake and alive as you.

So this is about you, it is about your life, this is about a lineage invitation to your life.

Lineage means not just to access the idea in a kind of popular self-help book but to go back to the shimmering, breathing, living source, the lineage, the actual chain of tradition which transmitted and unpacked these ideas.

Buy Radical Kabbalah at amazonWelcome to Radical Kabbalah. I’m glad you came. Find yourself here and add, add your voice, add your vision, add your Unique Self.

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