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To find your way in the world, you got to be willing to lighten up or clean up. Lighten up means to actually engage the darkness and transform it, to engage your shadow. Shadow was the unconscious part of yourself and it might malice, it might be anger, it might be greed, which is driving your life. Shadow is your unlived life, your unlived unique self which being unlived acts out and demands attention through acting out.

You got to engage your shadow, you got to engage what’s actually driving the story, the old wounds, the patterns of despair. And if you don’t engage them, if you don’t bring the shadow into the light, you can never heal, you can never be fully alive, you can never transform, you can never participate and be a contribution and give your gift to the healing and transformation of the entire story.

So do your shadow works. Engage your own transformation in order to be able to rise to the full beauty of who you are.

And you’ll find here some articles, some directions, some work on understanding shadow, understanding how to work with shadow. I’m glad you came. Welcome!


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