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Democratization of Enlightenment

Think about the Democratization of Enlightenment. Think about what it would mean to actually democratize greatness, to democratize enlightenment, to democratize waking up. Does that sound like a fantasy? Did you know that a thousand years ago, the democratization of governance, the idea that every person has a voice, can actually vote for who governs them was an idea that just expressing it could get you burned at the stake in pretty much every single part of the world.

The democratization of governance was an absurdity. And now any 6-yr old understands the idea of democracy, the democratization of governance. The same thing is true, with the democratization of enlightenment. We have to actually evolve consciousness and make that a genuine possibility. Because, what is enlightenment? Enlightenment does not mean that you’re perfect; enlightenment does not mean that you are living on a hilltop in Nepal or in the backstreet of Beirut or Jerusalem.

Enlightenment means that you’re sane; enlightenment is sanity. What does sanity mean? Sanity means to know your true nature. If I told you, I’m Prince William, I’m insane, I don’t know my identity, I don’t know my true nature. To actually believe that you are separate from all-that-is, that you are only, merely a separate self or an ego self, that is insanity. That is a case of mistaken identity.

So if you are ready to wake up, if you ready to know your true nature, to know that are actually inseparable from all that is, you are indivisible from the seamless coat of the universe that lives in you, as you and through you. If you are ready to realize that your true self is THE true self, the true self in which we all participate, and that is a fact of the reality which is hinted at already in quantum of physics. It’s hinted at in the quantum of field that we understand now to be so essential to understanding our reality and physics but it’s hinted at directly in every field of life, in systems theory, when what we see the interconnectivity of the all with the all, but even deeper, so much deeper directly when you access and open the eye of the spirit, the eye of the heart, you get unmediated look, a deep perception, a deep reality take on what’s actually the interior face of reality.

The interface of reality, on the inside, we’re all connected, we’re all part of the same whole, we’re indivisible from each other. Invisible lines of connection connect us, tie us together in every possible way. The notion that you are separate from all that is, that you’re merely separate, is absurd. That is actually insanity.

And that insanity, my friend, produces suffering. A hundred million people died in the last century from that insanity. You see, normal consciousness, normal consciousness, the belief that you’re merely a separate self, normal consciousness is insane. And if Enlightenment is sanity doesn’t everyone need it? That, my friends, is what actually democratization of enlightenment is all about. And it’s the beginning of the democratization of greatness. That’s the path for you to wake up, confess your greatness, and begin being a stand for healing and transformation, for joy, for radical power, in your life, in our lives, and in the life of all that is.

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