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Marc Gafni’s Dance of Tears Lectures

The Dance of Tears lectures were first given by Marc Gafni in 1993 in Israel. In that original set of talks, entitled, Towards the Redemption of the Crying King, based for the most part on Mystical texts from the Hassidic school of Habad, Marc Gafni shared a deeper understanding of the way of Tears as a spiritual path. This path in the Jewish tradition is in Marc Gafni’s teaching uniquely associated with the tapestry of the Hebrew New Year Festival.

Marc Gafni’s talks evolved over the years and were finally gathered into a masterwork book entitled Tears: Reclaiming Ritual, Integral Religion and Rosh Hashanah which has been published in a Beta version.

This particular set of lectures was delivered in 2003 or so, to an overflowing hall of beautiful and holy people whose very receiving of this teaching, both cognitively, bodily and emotionally, made the teaching itself, deeper and more clear. The teaching was given at the Biennial Kallah of the Jewish Renewal movement.

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