This PBS special was made by Marc Gafni in 2001. In his view, it is REALLY BAD. Several hours of teaching to a studio audience who cannot help but remind one of the Stepford Wives was poorly edited and the result is that the richness, subtlety and depth of the Soul Print teaching became commercialized and somehow degraded. However some people seem to like it.


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Marc Gafni compares a person’s individual spirit to the uniqueness of their fingerprint, dubbing the former a “soul print.” In this 73-minute lecture, he describes the principles and practical applications of his philosophy culled from his study of many religious and ethnic traditions. The essence is to better appreciate the life you have and redirect your energy in the parts that make you unhappy. He promises the viewer “access to the precise and gorgeous nature of your spirit,” suggesting exercises like making a list of the 10 most important things in your life. He offers mantras and stories from Buddhism, Russia, West Africa, and his own ministry–even singing a short “soul print song” a cappella. Much of his advice is common sense (If you treat the waiter badly, he will treat you badly), but he presents it in an energetic and inspiring manner. However, this PBS Special is interrupted so frequently with shots of an enthusiastically applauding audience that one might think he was selling a food preparation gadget rather than inner peace. Unfortunately, the effect is that of a hard sell for material that should speak for itself.
–Kimberly Heinrichs


In this video, clergyman and philosopher Marc Gafni presents what he believes is the most important question of our time: “What is your soul print?” In Gafni’s words, a soul print is the “inner force that can show us the way to live our life as it was destined to be lived.” Gafni shows viewers how to discover their individual soul print and connect with the rest of the world as a path to inner peace. Gafni is well known in Israel, where his weekly program is viewed by more than half a million viewers. This video will quite probably appeal to those interested in new age religions, or those who enjoy self-help material.
–Rob Ferrier, All Movie Guide

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