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Marc Gafni – The Politics of Love: an Invitation to the Miracle of We (December 14, 2008)

This talk was given by Dr. Marc Gafni in Ca. on Dec. 14th of 2008. It was a talk about love, what it actually means, a talk about community, and the transformation of our planet through a politics of love manifested in the Miracle of We. The audience made up some five hundred highly evolved persons who are all deeply committed to practice, activism and evolutionary spirituality met Dr. Marc Gafni in a deep place of heart and love and responded with a standing ovation, not for Marc Gafni, but for the shared message and vision which they and Dr. Marc hold together. It was a standing ovation for love, integrity and holy audacity – for the best in all of us which years to find voice and incarnation.

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Meet Dr. Marc Gafni, Visionary Philosopher,
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