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Integral Love – Marc Gafni (July 2008)


This set of videos come from a seminar taught by Rabbi Marc Gafni with a teaching partner in May 2008 in the Utah Desert. The seminar was attended for the most part by professionals in the recovery movement. The topic of the seminar was “An Integral Journey of Love”. Marc Gafni’s and his partner’s goal in their teaching was to talk about love in a deep and open hearted way, informed by the best wisdom of the perennial philosophy.

In Marc Gafni’s words, “The goal was to both open our hearts and expand our minds in such a profound way that we could all re-engage the world as lovers, but from a more evolved and whole place.”

The weekend was a gorgeous smashing success.

Marc Gafni taught from the perspective of the kabbalah and his teaching partner taught from a buddhist perspective. They used, what has been called Integral theory, to create a shared conversation between buddhism and judaism. This shared matrix facilitated the joint transmission of the great truths shared by both great systems, to the participants.

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