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Evolutionary Kabbalah: Marc Gafni (in Hebrew)

This several-hour talk on Evolutionary Kabbalah was given in the spring of 2006 in Israel, on Shabbot afternoon, to Shai Tubali and his Israeli spiritual community at Kibbutz Moran. The event was arranged by mutual agreement with Shai and organized by Efrat Golberger from Bayit Chadash. Shai had come to Marc Gafni for several months of profound and far-ranging weekly study encounters on mystical Hebrew wisdom. Both Shai Tubali and Marc Gafni learned much from these encounters.

Shai and Marc Gafni also engaged in a long e-mail correspondence about the nature of spirit and the relation between Universal Spirit and its Hebrew expression, and between Marc Gafni’s teaching of Unique Self and the more common spiritual teaching of No Self, to which Shai was committed. In the end, they had very different understandings about the place of the Unique Self teaching of Marc Gafni, and parted ways while remaining spiritual friends. They have not been in personal contact since March of 2006.

-Marc Gafni

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