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Marc Gafni – Shadow Week Lectures

Dr. Marc Gafni gave these lectures at a program he initiated called the Maggidic Journey.

Rabbi Marc thought it vital to revive the old sacred function of the Maggid. The Maggid, in Lurianic Kabbalistic circles, was the highest expression of one’s unique spiritual teaching, what Marc Gafni often refers to as the Unique Self. Marc’s intention was that the Maggid allow every lay person to realize their unique God spark through the revelation of their unique Torah which in Lurianic Kabbalah is life giving soil which sustains and nurtures the Unique Self.

The Unique Self is not an expression of personality but rather of the “return to the market place” after the fully realization of one’s non dual nature.

While the Maggid program envisioned and manifested by Marc Gafni did not manifest the fullness of the Maggidic vision, it began to make mistakes in the right direction.

Fifty students joined Rabbi Marc for a two year journey, in which he established core Maggidic principles, taught Maggidic skills and most importantly transmitted a full body of sacred Maggidic teaching.

Marc Gafni invited Erica Fox to be his co- teacher in the Maggid program. Erica taught principle of communication and negotiation derived from the secular practice of those disciplines and under Rabbi Marc’s guidance tried to reframe them in a deeper sacred context.
Rabbi Ordained Erica as a Maggidah at the closing session of the program.

Shadow Week Lectures

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