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Marc Gafni Key Note Presentation at 17th Annual Church Conference (March 23-27, 2009)

Sacred Activism and the StillPoint of your Soul

Dr. Marc Gafni – was one of the key note speakers at this delightful and spiritually full conference. Gafni spoke on the kabbalistic idea of being and becoming, as what he termed the Two Tastes of the Divine.

This teaching of Kabbalah merges the being of God, which is experienced in peace and eternal unchanging bliss… with the becoming of god which is experienced in “hitlahavut”, ecstatic yearning, urgency and evolutionary unfolding.

These faces of the divine are called in Hebrew tradition – Sabbath= Being and Six Days of Creativity = Becoming.

Dr. Marc Gafni -in a presentation filled with overflowing love and challenging rigor, and met with a standing ovation from an audience filled with wisdom, depth and heart, invited the listners to rise the challenge of merging being and becoming as one in their own incarnations.

Particularly Marc Gafni called for a direct and passionate response to Human Trafficking and with ecstatic urgency- spoke of the desperate need for a new Abolitionist movement to free the 27 million slaves that live in the word today under horrifying conditions, which violate the very heart of God.

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Meet Dr. Marc Gafni, Visionary Philosopher,
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