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A maggid is the hebrew wisdom reclaimed several years back by Rabbi Marc Gafni and others. In Marc Gafni’s teaching, based on 16th century mystical texts {some of this are cited in the hebrew footnotes for Marc Gafni’s book Soul Prints -Hebrew version published by Yediot Achoronot} Maggid} a Maggid is one who has accessed their unique self and through the prism of their unique self offers their unique teaching to the world. In Marc Gafni’s Maggidic course the core teaching was the belief that each person was wonderfully gorgeous and unique and had a unique ofering of wisdom to share in the world.

These lectures were given by Marc Gafni and Erica Fox as part of the Maggidic training which they offered at the Elat Hayyim Retreat Center 2003 -2005. As one maggidic student wrote to Rabbi Marc Gafni in a July 2008 email about that period of time, “that was camelot”. It was a magical, beautiful period of study, community, ecstasy, joy and depth. The recordings are poor and we are now searching for better reccordings of these teachings. However for the interested student Marc Gafni’s teachings are audible so we decided to post them depsite the poor sound quality.

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