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Marc Gafni On the 3 Faces of God (May 2008)

May 2008 – Marc Gafni On the 3 Faces of God

In May 2008 Marc Gafni co-led a a workshop called the Evolution of Love. The workshop, co-led with a strong female teacher, sought to understand the ways in which men and women talk to each other, love each other and hurt each other. In the workshop Marc Gafni explored both the ancient texts as well as the contemporary texts of life which in-form us, in order to offer a vision and a felt experience of transformation.

Particularly Marc Gafni drew on his own experience and the insight that has flowed from it, in order to share in the most direct and heartfelt way.

This particular recording came from the sunday morning meditation in which there was beautiful prayer, chanting, a stunning guided meditation led by Marc’s co- teacher, as well as Marc Gafni’s mediation on the “three faces of God”.

The three faces of God is frame of feeling and thinking that already appears in the ancient Hebrew Zohar {cited in the work of Hebrew wisdom master Tzadok of Lublin} and which has been developed in the last several years by Ken Wilber, both in private conversations with Marc and many other teachers, and in his book Integral Spirituality.

It is a significant evolution of his thought as it appears in the introduction to Up From Eden, as it recognizes the full dignity and power of what has been called, the second face of God, or God in the second -Person.

Listen with an open heart and mind and let the pleasure of spirit move through you and expand your consciousness.

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