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Sabbath, Song, Prayer, Kippur with Marc Gafni (Hebrew)

The community gathered many times to be together, to study, chant and pray with R. Marc Gafni, to sing with Shimon and Or Lev Tahor or Gabriel Meyer, or Shantam and Or and Feilicia Zohar. Gabriel together with Mordechai established the nature of the Bayit Chadash practices of prayer and chant during the first two years of the movement. In year three Gabi started doing more world touring and Shimon brought his own unique and gorgeous presence to our practice and prayer which was joyfully welcomed and appreciated. In the final two years Shimon was joined by Shantam and Ohr and Felicia who spend a full year in Bayit Chadash developing their own music in a weekly practice session, and a second year further unfolding and sharing the beauty of their music with the entire community.

One of Marc Gafni’s primary commitments was to create a space for communal prayer which might re-capture some of the depth and power of this central practice in hebrew spiritual wisdom.

One participant wrote, “Sometimes we would repeat a chant or a prayer again and again and again until we felt that the heavens had opened and our prayers were received”.

The levels of depth and ecstasy realized in some of these gatherings is virtually indescribable. Those who were their – they know.

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If you have headphones they might be really helpful in getting enough volume to hear these recordings clearly.

These are snippets, moments, glimmerings of a beautiful time in which prayer was offered up with an open heart and let that be enough.

Stream the audios here:

Shabbot with Marc Gafni Part 1


Shabbot with Marc Gafni Part 2


Shabbot with Marc Gafni Part 3


Sabbath Morning Prayer with Marc Gafni A


Sabbath Morning Prayer with Marc Gafni B


Sabbath Morning Prayer with Marc Gafni C


Kippur with Marc Gafni A


Kippur with Marc Gafni B


Kippur with Marc Gafni C


Kabbalat Shabbot with Marc Gafni


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