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Polygraph Tests

Polygraph Tests

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Summation and Relevancy of Marc Gafni Polygraph Results

In early fall 2007 Marc Gafni asked his legal advisor at the time, to initiate a polygraph test which might help him clear his name of false accusations and complaints. The complaints he was interested in refuting were of two types.

First he wanted to refute via polygraph the claim that he engaged in sexual harassment by improperly deploying his authority as well as the claim that he made false promises of marriage or otherwise engaged in deception to gain sexual relations. These were the complaints that according to public reports were filed with the Israel police by three women in Israel. *Addendum from 2014: at the time of the polygraphs, Dr. Barland and Marc Gafni were unaware that the claim made by the parties in question – namely that complaint reports were registered with the police — was in fact false. Not only was the content of the complaints false, but the claim that there were registered police reports was also false.

One party was an employee of Marc’s organization, the second was a friend of Marc’s who also came to a number of Marc’s lectures, and as indicated in the email record, was in discussion with Marc about “co-creating” a study process with him. Although the email and instant message record (which has been recovered from Marc’s computer) already  falsifies these alleged claims – and thus there is no genuine need for a polygraph – Marc wanted to further strengthen the refutation of the false claims even farther through a polygraph test.

{It should be noted that on the web in several places the claim is made that Marc was accused of rape by these women. This is not true. There is ample documentation in writing that no such claim was ever made. It was stated clearly by all involved that all of the relationships at the time were mutual and consensual.}

The tests were administered in three distinct sessions by one of the leading experts of Polygraph in the world, Dr. Gordon Barland. Dr. Barland’s resume is available at or here. He was a senior lecturer for many years at the Department of Defense of the United States and has trained police forces all over the world in administering Polygraph tests. He specializes in cases relating to sexual issues.

The truthfulness of Marc’s claims about these events was validated by the polygraph. On all questions using the most advanced methods of testing, the examiner reported that the results indicated that Marc was telling the truth.

Gafni report 1a – Barland

Gafni report 1b – Barland

Gafni report 2 – Barland

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