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Daily Wisdom: A Name with the power to Heal

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 Why do we respond to death not with an exclamation of comfort, but with the Kaddish – a seemingly theological statement, “Magnified and Exalted is his great name”?

The answer holds one of the most sacred mysteries of love rooted in the secret of the cherubs.

There is a story told about Israel, Master of the Name, the great teacher who started the mystical Hassidic movement in the late 18th century.

When Master Isaac heard of the marvelous effect of the Master Israel’s holy healing amulets, he was angry. He thought that surely amulets can only have such power if they use the holy name of God. Since this would constitute improper use of God’s name, Master Isaac decreed, “Because of improper use of God’s name, the power of the amulets must pass away.” And so it was.

When Master Israel realized that his amulets were no longer healing, he sought the reason. Eventually it was revealed to him on high that Isaac’s decree was blocking their efficacy. Israel confronted Isaac. “Why do you stop my amulets, which are used only to heal?” demanded Israel. 

“Because you have not the right to use God’s name in this way,” retorted Isaac.

“But I do not use God’s name in my amulets.”

“You must, or they could not have such power.”

“I insist, I do not use God’s name,” insisted Israel. 

So all the amulets of Master Israel were gathered and brought before the tribunal. When the first one was opened, there was an audible gasp. Then the second, the third, and the fourth. Master Isaac was in shock. For the name of God indeed was not used in any of the amulets. Instead, in every amulet it said, in the place where God’s name could have been, “Israel son of Sarah, Master of the Good Name.” It was Israel’s own name and not the name of God that gave the amulets their special power. Overawed at this great wonder, Master Isaac restored the power of Israel’s amulets.

In the story, we begin to sense a potent blurring between the name of God and the name of the person. Are they indeed separate names, or perhaps in some mysterious way, the name of the individual and the name of God are one.


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