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Exploring The Self With Dr. Marc Gafni And Paul Chek

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The state of our world is in such a fragile place right now, which means it’s up to all of us to step up to the plate and do our part to make it better. You can’t be that agent of change, however, if you don’t know your self…

Explore the concept of self and be prepared to tackle the three most important questions any human being has to answer as Dr. Marc Gafni returns for another deep dive into cosmo-erotic humanism in this Living 4D conversation with Paul Chek. 

Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management and holistic wellness.

In this conversation Paul Chek and Marc Gafni explore what Self really means. Discover the three most important questions a human being has to answer and the one thing we need to get right to not go extinct!


  • The most important questions a human being has to answer. (4:14)
  • “If we don’t get this right, we’re going to go extinct.” (10:15)
  • The second simplicity. (18:41)
  • The separate self is a puzzle piece. (32:18)
  • Your unique self. (40:23)
  • Uniqueness: The currency of connection. (52:57)
  • “God is an ultimate wholeness…” (59:09)
  • Evolutionary unique self. (1:11:33)
  • “My unique self is my unique eros.” (1:33:11)
  • The self as an archetype. (1:53:26)
  • Your storyline. (2:10:44)
  • One of the mysteries of reality. (2:20:37)
  • Certainty and uncertainty: Values of the cosmos. (2:27:59)
  • The other door in the self. (2:35:28)


Paul Chek on Marc Gafni: “His work is absolutely friggin’ phenomenal!”

Note: On this website link below, right underneath the one hour video version, you’ll find the longer audio-version: 

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