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Daily Wisdom: The Rapture of God

Marc Gafni » Daily Wisdom Post » Daily Wisdom: The Rapture of God

Daily Wisdom from The Dance of Tears:

Whether the relationship is that of a servant to his master or a lover and his beloved or a relationship between partners or even friends, they are all “relating” to God.

The most powerful form of God in the second person is almost certainly the prayer experience. It is told that when Hassidic master Levi Yitzchak of Beridchev used to pray he would begin the standard form liturgical form of blessing. “Baruch Ata Adonai,” “Blessed are you God,” and then break out of the mold of blessing crying out in sheer joy,  ” ..YOU YOU…YOU …YOU!” He would lose himself in these words repeatedly shouting in ecstasy, “YOU.. YOU… YOU!!!” This is the rapture of God in the second person.

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