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Leading Spiritual Teacher Sally Kempton introduces Dr. Marc Gafni

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Sally Kempton began her public career as a leading second wave feminist and journalist. She later became a student of an Indian Yoga Lineage where she was a student and then a leading Swami and teacher for thirty years. About a decade ago she began teaching again under her original name of Sally Kempton. Sally is among the group of teachers in leadership roles at the Center for World Spirituality.



Let me say a little bit, not to introduce our speaker, because he needs no introduction, but really, to honor him. It’s a great privilege to be able to honor your friends, and really to speak on behalf of all of us on the Integral Spiritual Experience team and for all of us in this room, just to recognize the place that Marc Gafni holds for us. He is, as I said before, the master of the revels—revels, not rebels, although there’s that as well in the heart of all great heart masters.

He’s the intellectual center of Integral Spiritual Experience. He’s the one who has held the vision of this event, which we can’t call a conference, this extraordinary space between the worlds that we occupy here. He’s also a cutting-edge spiritual teacher, as Tammy Simon, his publisher, said. He’s a visionary genius, love muffin. He’s one of the most brilliant Integral evolutionary philosophers around. Like Ken and Deepak, he has that capacity to see through into the patterns of existence, and he has the courage and audacity to speak the new paradigms.

Last summer, I was having lunch with Marc and Michael Murphy, the founder of Esalen, who’s also one of the cutting-edge prophets or heart master Integral evolutionary theorists of his generation. He said, very rarely do you meet someone who changes the game. Marc, he said, you are changing the game. Part of what we are experiencing here in this evolution through the three stages of love, which is the conversation that he has brought into the Integral discourse in the past year, as he brought the conversation on Unique Self into the Integral conversation in the years before.

So with all that, the deepest truth that I experience about Mark, as Diane said this morning, is that he does really have the most robust heart of anyone I know. I come from a lineage of heart masters, and I pride myself on being able to recognize one when I see one. So when I tell you, as I think you already know, that Marc is a heart master, I know what I’m talking about. So, I’d like you to join me in welcoming our heart master, Marc Gafni.

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