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Great to be The Unique Self: Marc Gafni

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It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon in California. Just finished teaching at a wonderful spiritual center.

The public teaching was a dharma track which I have been evolving – even as it has been evolving me – for almost twenty years, called The Unique Self. The Unique Self as an expression of nondual realization is both the title and topic of the first 140 pages of my thesis at Oxford, the core of which I wrote in 2003. It is both the scholarly and metaphysical scaffolding upon which the Soul Print teaching was erected. It is a truly wondrous teaching which is in my bones and sinews which I love very much.

It has since been adopted in the Integral Teachings and writings, in Genpo Roshi’s recent book and many more places which makes me very happy for the teaching.

The private talks with leadership were about sexuality, shadow and spirituality, drawing much from my experience of the last years.

What does it mean to refuse to have a conversation about these issues? What truly underlies the motivation of some who consistently refuse to engage this conversation in an honest and open way? Why is the conversation so crucial? What are the inner spiritual and psychological mechanics of demonization? How does the Internet play a role? What are the ulterior motives for demonization? How can we move towards healing? How can we both identify and not demonize feminine and masculine shadow?

It was great to be talking about these vital issues of spirit with such evolved and sophisticated people who were filled with tough minded analysis and open hearts!

What a wonderful group of people, wonderful leadership, and wonderful shared space of spirit and vision. And it was a total absolute pleasure to be teaching Unique Self Teachings to new and wider circles of spiritual adepts and seekers.

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