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Madly in Love Virtual Summit with Iris Benrubi Featuring Marc Gafni

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Marc Gafni is going to be featured along with over 35 experts (John Gray, Adam Gilad, Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt, Arjuna Ardagh, and many others) in the online Madly In Love Summit with Iris Benrubi, which will run for 2 weeks beginning September 11. Marc’s talk on “Lines & Circles and the Evolutionary ‘We'” will air on September 17!

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A Message from Iris Benrubi

Imagine being Madly In Love…

  • Are you tired of going on dates that go nowhere?
  • Are you tired of not knowing how to choose the right person to date and create Deep Lasting Love?
  • Do want to Stop the Struggle and find True Love?
  • Are you tired of having the same fights over and over?
  • Do you want to know how to take your SEX Life to the next level of Passion and Intimacy?

Then you’re in the right place! I have over 35 speakers who are going to share with you their expertise on how to choose a healthy partnership that will last and how to keep the passion alive and even up-level the Sex, Romance and Intimacy!

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  • Are you recovering from HEARTBREAK?
  • Have you had at least one unhealthy relationship in the past and feel scared of making a bad decision and losing yourself in another relationship that starts off great and fizzles out?
  • Are you stuck in an unhealthy relationship and need to build the courage to make changes?

If any of these resonate……………Then you don’t want to miss this summit!

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You will learn how to get into and take your romantic relationship deeper, and fill your love life with WILD LOVING Passion and Deep Connection that lasts for years!

The solutions to all your love desires are here!

The Madly in Love Summit is the world’s best online summit for Love and Relationships, with one of the largest selection of experts all in one place. You’ll learn everything necessary to live a Peaceful, Passionate and Happy Life.

The lessons in love and life that you’ll learn are more than just a quick fix. This summit will cover exactly what YOU NEED to create Deep Lasting Love. If you’re married, single, in a relationship, divorced or estranged, there are topics covered in this summit specifically for you and your situation.

And no matter where you are in your LOVE LIFE, you can learn:

  • Be able to ask your partner for what you want without feeling NEEDY or DEMANDING
  • How to be Deeply Intimately Connected
  • Make yourself IRRESISTIBLE and have a whole lot more fun
  • Your Real Purpose here on earth
  • Discover the unconscious ways you are blocking yourself from Love and Romance
  • How to feel Loved and Adored by your MAN
  • How to feel Respected and Admired by your WOMAN

That’s all covered in the Madly In Love Summit!

This FREE summit is open to anyone, regardless of their age and sexual orientation, and you will discover a wide range of topics including:

  • The single question that can transform your Love Life
  • 3 Key words to transform Fear and Anxiety in relationship
  • How to overcome the # 1 issue that gets in the way of getting into and maintaining a relationship
  • The new movement of Self Marriages and how that impacts relationships
  • How to Heal our Inner Wounds so that you can have Love and Romance
  • How to ‘Surrender’ vs. ‘give your power away’
  • Why affairs are good for you (it’s not what you think!)

There’s something for everyone!

  • How to Overcome Insecurities that show up in dating and relationships that sabotage LOVE
  • What men are truly looking for in a relationship
  • The Shift in your mindset that will open up your ability to get into a healthy romantic relationship
  • #1 way to get men to fall Madly in Love with You
  • 4 ways to heal heartbreak
  • The most important thing you can do to Create Lasting Passionate Love
  • The top strategies to prepare for a Loving Relationship
  • Why guys have a hard time Committing and the Myth that “men can’t or won’t commit”

As you can see….. there’s something for everyone!!! No matter where you’re at!

I Want In!

Life is about constant growth, progress and learning. Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to enrich your life! This summit and transformational information is available for a short time and it’s FR.EE, so don’t miss this opportunity!

You’ll also learn:

  • The 3 Types of Men and how to figure out what you truly want in romantic relationships
  • How to Stop having the same fights over and over!
  • How to encourage your man to Step Up to the plate and Take Charge
  • The #1 Trap that women fall into that keeps them stuck in unhealthy relationships

I’m Ready to Learn!

With experienced, knowledgeable and engaging speakers such as Dr. John Gray and many other top experts sharing with you their best tools and strategies on how to be MADLY IN LOVE, you can expect this summit to be both star-studded and informative. What are you waiting for? Book your spot today, and take control of your love life!

“Spark It! Maintain It! Re-Ignite It!”

In Love, Light and Laughter,


Here is an interview Iris did with Marc earlier this year at her

Passion and Intimacy Summit 2015: Iris Benrubi & Marc Gafni on Outrageous Love

After the interview, Iris wrote:

Marc Gafni is brilliant. He is a visionary thinker and wisdom teacher that shares on this magnificent interview what love is really about and how you can create something outstanding with your partner…..and he calls it Outrageous Love. You learn the 3 Mistakes people make in love and give us strategies we can begin right now to create more love and more passion in our lives ….and I’ve already started one of his strategies and I love the difference it’s made in my life.

Some of what you’ll learn is:

  • The relationship between love, romance and infatuation
  • How outrageous love is different than ordinary love
  • What loneliness is truly about and what you can learn from it
  • The abundant love that’s available to you if you’re open to it…… and how to get it!
  • What the 2nd chapter in the book of Genesis says about love
  • What your “soul print” is and it’s purpose

Watch the video interview:


Meet Dr. Marc Gafni, Visionary Philosopher,
Author, and Social Innovator

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