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Mystery School of Love July 2017: Testimonial by Chahat Corten

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Note from the Editor: When you read the testimonial below and the ones linked to at the end, keep in mind that they are written with great delight from within the energy of the Mystery School. They are not 3rd person accounts but rather 1st person mystical testimonials.

Dearest friends,

Chahat Corten, Summer Festival of Love, Marc GafniOur fifth Festival of Love aka Mystery School of Love was another beautiful and very special gathering of a band of Outrageous Lovers: A longtime group of lovers who attended all the festivals before and a new cohort who did not know yet they are Outrageous Lovers! Yet, they stepped in so fully, openly and courageously that it brings tears to my eyes as I find that place in my heart. And now they know, they are IN!!

Each Festival is a Holy Love Story in its own right and yet it is also a continuation of a Field of Love that we’ve been engaging together for some 6 years now!

I have never seen our beloved Marc bring down the dharma, the teaching on the Seven Names of God, so pure, so naked, so devoted to the Goddess as this year. I have been blown away by the depth and the beauty of his transmission and teaching many times, but this year it entered me again in a total new way.

OMG, the places that opened up are beyond words and they somehow direct me directly into my own leadership, my own depth, my own obligation to serve in evolving the source code of Love.

Beloved Marc, I’ve witnessed again how devoted and relentless your commitment is to SHE, to the Dharma, to giving all you’ve got to all the levels of learning and evolving that are available.

To the people in the room, to the people who will read your books, to the people who will bring the teaching into the world in their Unique Circle of Intimacy and Love, to the unseen audience, as you like to name it!

MarcDeepest bow beloved Marc!!

I and We, we could not have been blessed more being in your presence this week!

Such an honour and such a Holy Joy to be serving the Goddess together with you, each of us in their Unique Way offering our specific nuance of leadership, that created this beautiful Unique Symphony of Outrageous Love again! Thanks for holding us, thanks for co-creating with us, thanks for inspiring us time and time and over and over again.

Being so totally together with Claire Molinard, who held and created the Festival this year as the Goddess herself, has been the most sweet and strong experience of standing together in this re-emergence as we both could step into a new form of leadership! Each of us with our own wondrous challenges! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so looking forward to co-create more awesomeness with you.

Kristina Kincaid, beloved one, I have been drinking your wisdom, your strength and your playfulness so eagerly this week. The strong and yet playful way you invite people to open up in their most tender and private places around sexuality and shame is so stunning.

Also here I have never seen you so clear, so direct and so heartfully connected with every person in the room. It was a joy and an honor to support and assist you in offering your Unique and Holy Gift as you held this band of Outrageous Lovers.

Hearing back from many women, they are so inspired seeing us strong and powerful women in our leadership, loving each other totally and in the same depth and strength committed to hold and love our awesome teacher/friend Marc.

Kerstin Zohar Tuschik and Philippe Johannis, rockstars in their Unique Ways! What a beautiful Symphony play all we played together. Thank you, thank you thank you!

We had a such a stunning faculty who each brought wild and gorgeous gifts in embodying the teachings in the workshops.

Beloved friends at the board, can’t wait to be together with you again in February

And I can’t invite you enough to join us last week of July 2018, to join us in the 6th unique and awesome Festival at our Mystery School of Love!

In devotion,

Chahat Corten

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