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To really touch at what the ancient mystics meant when they so deeply linked the sexual, the erotic and the sacred, we need to go one final step further. We mentioned earlier that the holy of holies is understood as the marriage bed, while the ark and its tablets, in the original kabbalistic sources, alternately representing the male and female sexual organs.

Well, whose marriage bed is it anyways? And to whom does all this sexual anatomy belong? To human beings or God –what ever that might mean?

The texts intentionally blur the lines on this issue, for the point is that human beings and God actually share the same bed. That is to say, the Cherubs are the symbol of the great marriage between the divine masculine and divine feminine. Between Shakti and Shiva in Hindu myth, between Kudshah Brik Hu and Shechina in the kabbalistic storehouse of symbolism. Kudsha Brik Hu is the masculine divine energy and Shechina the feminine divine energy. When the Shechina dwells “between the cherubs,” the divine masculine and feminine meet in erotic union.

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