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Sexually Incorrect: The Seven Tastes of Sexing

A Radically Awake, Alive and Erotic Guide To The Sexual

Join Us For 9 ½ Very Sexy Weeks!

Find Yourself Living Erotically in Love, Ecstasy and Community

Activate your Life, Your Inner Lover, Your Sexuality and Your Intimate Life!

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Create a powerful aliveness, more pleasure, more presence and love in every facet of your being – beginning with the sexual. Join us for a radically unique and cutting edge course on the 7 tastes of sexing that will cut through the confusion around sexuality. The workshop is a joint collaboration between extraordinary teacher, visionary thinker, brilliant philosopher and scholar in residence at IET, Dr. Marc Gafni and passionate Intimacy and Sexuality Teacher and the Director of IET, Dr. Kristina Kincaid.

Sexually Incorrect: The Seven Tastes of Sexing —This 9 1/2 week course centers on a truly groundbreaking map of sexing. There is not one type of sex but seven tastes of sex. Each one of the seven tastes expresses a different quality of the erotic. Knowing the seven levels of sex changes not only your relationship to love and sex but also your entire relationship to life. Each taste is a different path to psychological wholeness, radical aliveness and potent spiritual realization.

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