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Words of Appreciation from the Summer Festival of Love 2015 (Part 1)

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Summer Festival of Love 2015: Lines & CirclesAfter the Summer Festival of Love, some of the contributors shared their experiences in a private email thread. We are happy to have their permission to share these Outrageous Love testimonials with you!

Dr. Kristina Kincaid, Director of the Outrageous Love Project at the Center for Integral Wisdom and the Director of the Integral Evolutionary Tantra Institute in New York City, wrote this Outrageous Love Letter about the Festival:

Hello Outrageous Lovers!

I had the profound honor and wild pleasure of participating with a most astounding team of Holy Rockstars standing audaciously together supporting Marc as the Living, Breathing, Alive, Aflame, Awakened, Dharma as he liberated Eros, in front of a crowd of over 250 people! WOW!

This is not a polite essay or an endorsement, but a mystical testimony.

The great mystics all through the ages had students who witnessed the transmission and recorded it for the ages. We think that the voice of the Goddess spoke only in ancient days. But revelation is still happening today and I was a privileged witness to it. So I feel honored to share the below with you.

In the unfolding days of the Festival of Love 2015, Marc not only landed but solidly grounded the deepest emergent vision of Unique Self and Unique WE, right before our eyes, directly into culture! Though this radical new paradigm, with the careful precision of the masterful Rabbi he is, he re-visioned, re-circumcised the old Ordinary Love Story and made way for a most Outrageous Love Story.

This is a Story, which tells of the liberation of every human being, empowered to express the Unique configuration of the Unique Line and Circle intelligence that lives in them, as them and through them, giving each One the option to be lived as Outrageous Love itself! Simply stunning in its astonishing capacity to be wholly inclusive, while at the same time to be able to hold the expression of each ones individuality, it literally blows the mind! Truly, a Dharma that has the potency and potential to liberate every human being to claim their Unique Greatness. A powerful, new paradigm that can radically usher in the Democratization of Enlightenment and The Democratization of Great Love…of Outrageous Love! A beyond masterful vision and profoundly sacred accomplishment!

Most amazingly, Marc totally, courageously, audaciously gave everything, everything, everything from the depths of his being to blow open every heart of each participant, the source code and the Goddess. He was total Outrageous Love in action! The Radical New Human, who is totally responsible, participating fully, turning the Source Code as his Unique Obligation and turn it He and We did together as a Unique Self Symphony of Outrageous Lovers! I have never seen someone give so much of himself not missing or skipping over one minute detail!

Deepest Bow ever to Marc and the whole Team and all of the participants of the Festival in our coming together as Outrageous Lovers willing to courageously stand together and participate in giving birth to this holy new emergent, the radical teaching of the new Human Being, living fully alive, married inside, an inner Hieros Gamos, our Unique gorgeous configuration and convergence of lines and circles.

It is our Unique, holy, wild obligation; as he says, if we had no responsibility in all of this, why would we even be here? Take away this obligation and we are nothing but stowaways on a planet whirling through time! And my favorite new Dharmic line–we are the Erotic Mystics infused with the magic to affect the Force and create healing in the Cosmos! Amen! And so it is!

It is most definitely, Outrageously, our time!

Deepest Bow Ever to our Beloved Teacher for all he is, all he gives and all he lives! Amen!

Outrageous Love to All!


Claire Molinard is the Founder of Unique Self Coaching and a beloved member of the CIW Board. She wrote in response to Kristina’s message above:

Claire MolinardYes! Marc turned the dharma wheel last week as he landed new layers of depth, accuracy and intimacy to the Unique Self and Outrageous Love teachings in yet unprecedented ways. Again and again, he showed up as the living proof of what he teaches; what we saw was a Unique Gender/Self in full possession of his own unique Lines and Circles configuration – powerfully penetrating and receiving each other in mutual devotion to SHE.

Marc’s capacity to hold, receive, push through exhaustion, resource in the depths of the Goddess’s infinite Goodness and Outrageous Love and his ability to transmit from that place with radical integrity, humility and audacity cracked the code last week and was able to penetrate culture.

Throughout the whole week Marc seamlessly weaved all the pieces together: outrageous Love, outrageous pain, Lines and circles, Unique Gender. Day after day he painted a new horizon until we could see it together, till we could feel it beat in our hearts as Unique Self symphony; many new evolutionary partnerships were born this week as hearts melted through Her Grace, through Marc’s Outrageous Love for us, his complete radical commitment to us, his own Unique obligation coming through so outrageously potently, piercing through all clenches, hardenings, and resistance in the room.

Personally I have been at a loss with words since the beginning of the Festival — so much stirring inside, so many breakthroughs yet not integrated. Kristina’s note yesterday reminded me of my obligation to write the untranslatable. Mystical testaments of live transmission must be passed on. This is mine for now — from the depths of my awakened throbbing, exalted, not yet integrated in heart-mind-body:

Last week’s transmission continues to penetrate me, both as a strong Line piercing through layers and layers of old conditioning. It is deconstructing everything that was ever true for me in the old paradigm of second level relationships and opening up the wild possibility of Unique Self Symphony in this lifetime while another dimension of me is receiving, downloading, radically opening to the new source code. More than a possibility, evolutionary relationships are becoming a reality percolating through me. Outrageous Love — Holy Nectar of devotion running through me like a River inside of the inside. The River of transmission is flowing through generations of Outrageous Lovers, and we are the ones we have been waiting for, blessed to be alive today in this auspicious time of revelations.

I am infinitely grateful, proud, honored to be part of our holy Sangha, to be an actor of this unfolding Outrageous Love Story.

In Outrageous Love and gratitude to each of you,




To be continued…



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