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Marc Gafni Interviewed on Patheos about Success 3.0 Summit

Last week, Marc Gafni and the Center for Integral Wisdom were featured in different ways in two forums: and the Integral Church Blog.


Interview about Success 3.0 Summit on Patheos is running an interview with Dr. Gafni about the Summit–on their front page. Read all about the interior vision for the Success 3.0 Summit coming up Halloween weekend in Boulder here. Patheos is the leading religion site on the World Wide Web today with seven million unique hits a month.

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Center for Integral Wisdom featured as key new emergent in Integral Lineage

integralchurchCenter for Integral Wisdom was also featured as a key new emergent in the Integral Lineage beginning with Rudolph Steiner and running all the way through Ken Wilber’s seminal Integral work and then with Marc and Ken founding the Center for Integral Wisdom; this was reflected in an independent scholar’s Timeline of Integral Spirituality by blogger, interfaith minister, and co-founder of the Integral Church in St. Petersburg in Florida (founded in 2012) Joran Slane Oppelt.

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L’Shanah Tovah U-Metukah: Re-Reading Rosh Hashanah

Honey And Apple by digitalart

Enjoy this excerpt from the new book Tears: Reclaiming Ritual, Integral Religion, and Rosh Hashana by Dr. Marc Gafni that will be published with Integral Publishers. An earlier version of this article was published in 2008 as part of a longer … [Continue reading]

Marc Gafni at the Burning Man Speaker Series at Camp Mystic in August 2014: “The Emergent New Story of Humanity’s Evolution”

Marc Gafni Teaching at Burning Man 2014

Marc Gafni, together with Michael Ellsberg, Jennifer Russell and Robert Beinstock, organized a series of leading-edge cultural talks and panels at one of the most active Burning Man camps: Camp Mystic. This camp attracts an incredible group of … [Continue reading]

The 2014 Summer Festival of Love was an Exuberant Celebration of Eros Evolving

by Kerstin Zohar Tuschik This Summer Festival of Love at our Teaching Center at the Integral Practice Community Venwoude in Holland has again exceeded all expectations. More than 175 participants came to love and be loved open, to break the … [Continue reading]

Sexuality Models Eros: The Summer Festival of Love Starts Saturday, July 26

Venwoude Festival of Love - July 31 - August 1 - 2013 -

"Reality placed sexuality at the center of your existence, not as a cosmic tease, but as a cosmic invitation to a users guide to the universe, that contains in it all of the wisdom, all of the power, all of the intelligence, all of the strategy, all … [Continue reading]