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New Video on Integral Wisdom

In preparing the launch of our re-designed website, Marc Gafni has recorded several new videos that we are already making available here. This one is about Integral Wisdom.

Integral wisdom is the reweaving of the great story. In the earlier world, what we call the traditional period, there were great stories which connected the dots of reality and explained to us how things work. Those stories had great strengths. They told us an enormous amount that was important in mapping the inner and the outer, the interior and the exterior nature of reality.

The problem is, those stories were true but partial, they were limited, they overreached, they claimed information they didn’t have. They were dogmatic, they were often xenophobic, they were often homophobic, they didn’t honor the feminine, and they didn’t have a sense of equitable fairness for all human beings.

To read the whole transcript, click here.

The Dharma of Outrageous Love – Esalen 2014

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An Esalen Weekend with Sally Kempton and Marc Gafni, November 21st-23rd


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Marc Gafni Interviewed on Patheos about Success 3.0 Summit

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L’Shanah Tovah U-Metukah: Re-Reading Rosh Hashanah

Honey And Apple by digitalart

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