Meet Dr. Marc Gafni,
Visionary Philosopher, Author,
and Social Innovator


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To be alive and awake is to feel the power of the words,
I LOVE YOU, lighting you up every day.

But we have forgotten what the words mean or how they feel
when they are truly awake in us.

And when we do feel the truth of these words,
it is usually only in relation to very few people.



Our love lists are very short. And that small list of people we claim to love also happens to be the same people who seem to give us ego security and comfort. But love does not work this way…learn more about a POWERFUL PRACTICE that directly aligns you with the essence of how LOVE actually works.



Love Is Evolution. Evolve Your Consciousness & Participate in the Evolution of Love.

Take a peek at The Future of Love in this 3 min. video inviting you to be LIVED as LOVE and participate in the Evolution of Love as We Love our way To Enlightenment.


Want more? Get a glimpse into this vast universe of evolutionary love and how this all works. As we go deeper into the great practice and enactment of loving your way to enlightenment, there are Three Stations of Love that are important Integral windows into your personal development that Open You to Love More.


Step inside.




Conscious Business Is Becoming
Our New Cathedral for Spirit…..


We are at one of those pivoting points in history where telling a larger story and playing a larger game is for the first time possible again. It hasn’t been possible at this level since the Western Enlightenment. There’s a deep yearning in each one of us for a vision of the patterns that connect. What is the larger story?

The new heroes in the world today are entrepreneurs - an expression of innovation. Business is the single most important force that’s lifted more people out of poverty, that’s evolved more consciousness and that’s changed more in the lives of human beings than all of the organized religions together.


  • What would it mean to play a larger game?
  • What would it mean to participate in the evolution of love?
  • And how does this relate to business and entrepreneurship?



Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Marc is a continuation of the lineage of Sri Aurobindo, Teilhard de Chardin and Buckminster Fuller. He holds that lineage in the impulse of his being and his thinking. He began as the Hebrew wisdom expression of this impulse but has now moved beyond to the place of Homo universalis, a universal human. ...he embodies evolution. It’s not just a good idea. It is who he is in person. It is who he calls us all to become. ... Anyone who has the opportunity to study him will receive great gifts. He is one of the best teachers alive today.


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Meet Dr. Marc Gafni, Visionary Philosopher,
Author, and Social Innovator

as featured in