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The Pleasure Map of Your Life

The Pleasure Map


We, at the Center for Integral Wisdom, together with relationship expert and CIW Board Member Adam Gilad, have just completed our internal launch of “The Pleasure Map“–a new online video course with Dr. Marc Gafni taking you into the depths of pleasure as a key to your own awakening, true success, love, and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Have you ever considered that secret shame around pleasure might be stopping you in ways you don’t even realize?

Or have you reflected on the fact that success – in health, business, finance, love and family – can’t truly succeed without the skills of receiving and transmitting pleasure?

This new phenomenology of pleasure is the result of many years of work, and is an extraordinarily inspiring and practical body of work on how to live a life of love, meaning and awakening.

Did you miss Thursday night’s Pleasure Map webinar? What an amazing event!

Hundreds of people tuned in to what we’re calling “The Secrets of Pleasure” webinar. The Replay will only be up for a short period – so watch it soon here. With it, you also get immediate access to the three videos leading up to the webinar.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:
- How to feel FAR more pleasure through your body
- How to feel FAR more pleasure in your relationships
- How to feel FAR more pleasure in doing meaningful work in the world
- How to feel FAR more pleasure in your connection to being, to being alive, to being part of the all-that-is

Pleasure is not only available to you in every corner of your life – but it also can infuse your relationships, your work, your mission, and your entire sense of participating in the human story.

Don’t miss that opportunity!

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