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Marc Gafni at Agape International Spiritual Center

We are delighted to announce that the Center for Integral Wisdom and the Agape International Spiritual Center  join forces to enact new synergies of love’s expression in the world. Agape International Spiritual Center is a progressive community enacting gorgeously many of the core Integral Unique Self values of the Center for Integral Wisdom.

This collaboration will be reflected in the new portal on the soon to be launched new WebPlex of the Center for Integral Wisdom. Stay tuned!

Part of this collaboaration is that the founder and spiritual director of Agape, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, has joined the Executive Board of the Center for Integral Wisdom.

We are also delighted that Dr. Marc Gafni, President of the Center for Integral Wisdom, is serving as the Integral Wisdom Scholar in Residence of the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Watch the recording of the livestream of his first talks as guest speaker during the Sunday Services in March 2015>>>

The talks were about Outrageous Love and what that really means.

Also enjoy this montage of Marc Gafni’s talks from the Success 3.0 Summit 2014 on the new Outrageous Love Story the world needs so desperately:

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