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The 2014 Summer Festival of Love was an Exuberant Celebration of Eros Evolving

by Kerstin Zohar Tuschik
Summer Festival of Love 2014This Summer Festival of Love at our Teaching Center at the Integral Practice Community Venwoude in Holland has again exceeded all expectations. More than 175 participants came to love and be loved open, to break the boundaries of their smallness, and to participate in the evolution of love itself. Read more—>

Sexuality Models Eros: The Summer Festival of Love Starts Saturday, July 26

Venwoude Festival of Love - July 31 - August 1 - 2013 -

"Reality placed sexuality at the center of your existence, not as a cosmic tease, but as a cosmic invitation to a users guide to the universe, that contains in it all of the wisdom, all of the power, all of the intelligence, all of the strategy, all … [Continue reading]

There are times when people wait to the last minute to answer a strong inner impulse. If you are having this calling regarding our 3rd Annual Mystery School, and our 1st Annual European Integral Wisdom Conference... now is the time to act so you can … [Continue reading]

A Meditation from the Vast to the Personal in Powers of Ten

The reincarnation dialogue with Michael Murphy ends on a contemplation of the vast, infinite complexity and beauty of an ever-expanding Universe expressed also as the infinite complexity and beauty of each soul... of each irreducibly Unique Self... … [Continue reading]

On Using Discernment: The Many Ways to Pray

We are multidimensional human beings… When we pray, from what part of our Being are we praying from? The discussion continues learning the practice of prayer not as dogma, but as an empirical and experiential practice that has proven results. … [Continue reading]