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Wisdom for your Week: Divine Tears

Kalonymus Kalman Shapira Piasetzener Rebbe

Kalonymus Kalman Shapira
Piasetzener Rebbe

Dr. Marc reminds us here that “in the inner space between the contradictions–that is where God lives.” And he narrates further that the Talmud, in the Tractate Hagigah, states about this: “That is in the inner house. That is in the outer house.”–without telling us which is which. Most Kabbalists read this–like a classical Vedanta, non-dual position–that in the inner places God is not affected by the world. So, in the inner places, God is all joy and laughter.

Not so, says the Rebbe of Piaseczno… Read the partial transcript of the story as told by Dr. Marc Gafni on the CWS website in this Wisdom for your Week post, created by web scholar Kerstin Tuschik.>>

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