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Read Marc Gafni's Beautiful Eulogy to Our Beloved Barbara Marx Hubbard



This beautiful introduction and eulogy was given by Dr. Marc Gafni during our Evolutionary Church Memorial:


Every week we’ve been doing Evolutionary Church with Barbara and Lisa and myself and thousands of us from around the world. It’s been the heart and the throb of where we’re going and the vision we want to articulate together. Barbara and I loved Evolutionary Church. We started 131 weeks ago, and every week we would write a code together, and we’re now in Evolutionary Church.

For those of you who are wondering what to expect, there’s going to be two memorial services.

Barbara said to me, “Marc, when I pass, have a memorial service at church and have then a big evolutionary party. So, at that evolutionary party we are going to see lots of Barbara’s work and Barbara’s clips, and now we’re in church and we’re going to follow the order of church. …
Today in place of the sermons, I’ll gently and humbly offer a eulogy to Barbara, and all through we’re going to be resonating with Barbara, who’s here with us.
Just a few days ago, we heard Barbara say, “I declare the continuity of consciousness.” So, Barbara, right in this moment we declare with you the continuity of your consciousness and know that you’re here with us.

Last Friday night I was talking to Barbara about the code for the next day, but then by the next morning I called and Barbara wasn’t vocal and they didn’t quite understand why. I asked the nurse to put her on the phone. They held the phone to her ear, and Barbara said, “Marc,” and she was excited about church, and then she wasn’t able to speak afterwards. Ultimately, she went into a coma and wasn’t able to wake up and began her transition, but Barbara’s not silent. Her silence in this moment is not a silence of absence. It’s a silence of presence, and it’s up to us to carry that torch.

Barbara’s passing the torch and it’s every single person in this church today that is invited to their, what Barbara called vocational arousal. In order for each of us to light the world on fire with that teaching, with that message, with that aliveness, with that Barbara-ness, and in that, Barbara then shifts now not to silence of absence but to silence of presence. Barbara’s going to become more present in her continuity of consciousness, more available, more alive, more impactful than even ever before.

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Marc Gafni, Zak Stein, Barbara Marx Hubbard

Dr. Marc Gafni & Dr. Zachary Stein: CosmoErotic Humanism: Philosophy in a Time Between Worlds








A Tale of Two Futures

A Film Featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Bernard Beckwith, & Marc Gafni




Success 3.0

Here is a short blog post I wrote for the summit I was honored to co-initiate back in 2013 [the Summit was in 2014] called Success 3.0.

I just came across it right now and wanted to share it - it expresses a beautiful and clear formula for living in three or four short paragraphs.

With much love,



Wake Up, Grow Up, and Show Up

To successfully live your Unique Self, you need to Wake Up, Grow Up and Show Up. Success 3.0 offers a new operating system to do just this. It is the critical calling of our time.

Wake Up
To wake up means to move beyond the narcissistic self-involvement with your own contracted story. Most people live lives limited by their contracted self, consumed by the petty details of their story. But when you wake up, you awaken to the deeper truth: You are not merely a skin-encapsulated ego — your True Self is an inextricable, indivisible part of the love-intelligence, of the All-That-Is flowing through you. So to wake up is to wake up to the true nature of reality, to blow your mind as a separate, alienated self, and to know your True Self, which presages a new and revolutionary Unique Self enlightenment.

Grow Up
To grow up means to up-level your consciousness. Your level of consciousness is the set of implicit organizing principles forming your worldview. These ascending levels or structures of consciousness have been mapped by extensive cross-cultural research by leading ego-developmental scientists over the past fifty years. For example, it has been shown that human beings in healthy development evolve from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric to cosmocentric consciousness. Each level expands your felt sense of love and empathy to wider and wider circles of caring.

At first, your caring and concern is limited to you and your immediate circle. At the second level — ethnocentric — your identity expands to a felt-sense of empathy and connections with your larger communal context. At the third level — worldcentric — your identity shifts to a felt empathy with all living humanity. At the fourth level — cosmocentric — you move beyond mere humanity and experience a felt sense of responsibility and empathy for all sentient beings throughout all of time, backwards and forwards.

This last move has also been described in Clare Graves’ developmental theory as the evolution from first-tier to second-tier consciousness. One of the key findings of developmental research is that as you up-level to ever-higher stages of second-tier consciousness, your unique perspective becomes readily available. Said simply, according to leading developmental theorists, the more you Grow Up, the more your Unique Self comes online. Indeed, having ready access to your unique perspective and your unique quality of intimacy is the way to unfold the highest levels of consciousness.

Show Up
To be successful means to live the unique life that is yours to live, and to give the unique gifts that are yours to give. Your success, therefore, looks different then anyone else’s success (so you might as well be successful in your own life because you cannot be successful in anyone else’s).

To live your unique life and give your unique gifts is what it means to be the hero of your life. This practice is called, in the terminology of Success 3.0, Showing Up. To show up as your Unique Self and give your unique gifts and live your unique taste is to awaken as evolution — as the personal face of the evolutionary process.

World Spirituality is based on the realization that every human being is both part of the whole and at the same time a high priest or priestess in their religion of one. The core obligation, joy, and responsibility of each Unique Self is to answer the call and give its unique gift, which fills a unique need in the cosmos.

Success 3.0
To be successful means to wake up to who you really are.

To be successful means to grow up to higher and higher levels of consciousness. When you grow up to your highest level of consciousness, you emerge as a fully conscious Unique Self, living in the largest evolutionary context, giving your gifts with devotion to heal and transform not only your personal sphere but, ultimately, the whole world.

Success 3.0 is to fully embody the unique life that is yours to live and fully give the gifts that are yours to give from a place of the most expanded state and the highest structure-stage of enlightened consciousness.

When you fully wake up, grow up and show up, the evolutionary impulse incarnates as you. You become an expression of radical personal intimacy and evolutionary creativity. You embody a purpose-driven and values-driven life, overflowing with aliveness, love and energy.

Blog Post by Marc Gafni: Success 3.0


Watch this montage of Marc Gafni's talks from the Success 3.0 Summit 2014 on the new Outrageous Love Story the world needs so desperately:



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The Greatest Story Ever Told: Audio Series

with Barbara Marx Hubbard & Marc Gafni

Listen to the Audio Series above.

Or listen to and read the transcripts of the nineteen Audio Sessions plus Intro in this Series!



The Universe: A Love Story - A Ten-Part Video Series with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Marc Gafni





 A Return to Eros

by Drs. Marc Gafni & Kristina Kincaid


Discover the secret relationship between Erotic, the Sexual and the Sacred.

None of the four old philosophies about sex are sufficient to inspire us or even hold us in our sexuality. Sex is not merely negative or positive. Sex is not just neutral, nor is it merely sacred because it creates babies.

Erotic Mystics from the hidden tradition of Solomon's temple taught a secret doctrine. Sex is the source of all wisdom. Sex is an expression of the erotic impulse of existence itself alive in us-the yearning for contact, pleasure, and aliveness. The Sexual however is not the sum total of the erotic. Rather, the sexual models the Erotic. The sexual teaches us how to live an Erotic life in all dimension of our existence.

It is these secret doctrines that were later taught by Mary Magdalene and that sparked excitement around bestselling novels such as The Da Vinci Code.

Deep understanding of the sexual becomes the portal to accessing aliveness in every dimension of our reality. This realization demands that you live sexually without shame and shows you how to re-eroticize all areas of your life.

A Return to Eros: On Sex, Love, and Eroticism in Every Dimension of Life, from Drs. Marc Gafni and Kristina Kincaid, reveals the radical secret tenets of relationship between the sexual, the erotic, and the holy. They reveal what Eros actually means and share the ten core qualities of the Erotic, which are modeled by the sexual. These include being on the inside, fullness of presence, yearning, allurement, fantasy, surrender, creativity, pleasure, and more.

A Return to Eros shows why these qualities of the erotic modeled by the sexual are actually the same core qualities of the sacred. The relationship between the sexual and the erotic becomes clear, teaching you how to live an erotically suffused existence charged with purpose, potency and power.

To be an Outrageous Lover--not just in sex but also in all facets of your life--you must listen deeply to the simple yet elegant whisperings of the sexual. This book will forever transform your understanding and experience of love, sex, and Eros.

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Take the Outrageous Love Letter 21 Day Challenge

To be alive and awake is to feel the power of the words,
I LOVE YOU, lighting you up every day.

But we have forgotten what the words mean or how they feel
when they are truly awake in us.

And when we do feel the truth of these words,
it is usually only in relation to very few people.

Our love lists are very short. And that small list of people we claim to love also happens to be the same people who seem to give us ego security and comfort. But love does not work this way…learn more about a POWERFUL PRACTICE that directly aligns you with the essence of how LOVE actually works.


Love Is Evolution. Evolve Your Consciousness & Participate in the Evolution of Love.



Take a peek at The Future of Love in this 3 min. video inviting you to be LIVED as LOVE and participate in the Evolution of Love as We Love our way To Enlightenment.


Want more? Get a glimpse into this vast universe of evolutionary love and how this all works. As we go deeper into the great practice and enactment of loving your way to enlightenment, there are Three Stations of Love that are important Integral windows into your personal development that Open You to Love More.


Step inside.




Conscious Business Is Becoming
Our New Cathedral for Spirit…..


We are at one of those pivoting points in history where telling a larger story and playing a larger game is for the first time possible again. It hasn’t been possible at this level since the Western Enlightenment. There’s a deep yearning in each one of us for a vision of the patterns that connect. What is the larger story?

The new heroes in the world today are entrepreneurs - an expression of innovation. Business is the single most important force that’s lifted more people out of poverty, that’s evolved more consciousness and that’s changed more in the lives of human beings than all of the organized religions together.


  • What would it mean to play a larger game?
  • What would it mean to participate in the evolution of love?
  • And how does this relate to business and entrepreneurship?



Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Marc is a continuation of the lineage of Sri Aurobindo, Teilhard de Chardin and Buckminster Fuller. He holds that lineage in the impulse of his being and his thinking. He began as the Hebrew wisdom expression of this impulse but has now moved beyond to the place of Homo universalis, a universal human. ...he embodies evolution. It’s not just a good idea. It is who he is in person. It is who he calls us all to become. ... Anyone who has the opportunity to study him will receive great gifts. He is one of the best teachers alive today.


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We are happy to announce our new Courses Site:

Eight wonderful courses are ready to be taken. Whether we are new to the dharma or deeply cooked in it, these courses offer a fantastic opportunity to deepen our understanding and engage in our own transformation from the comfort of our homes.

Learn more about the courses by clicking on the graphics or links below!

The Evolution of Love Course ImageThe Evolution of Love: Activating Evolutionary Relationships & Unique Gender

An 8-Week Online Video Course with Dr. Marc Gafni

The Evolution of Love, Relationships, & Gender in 8 Steps

  1. Session 1: The Principles of Transformation, The Evolution of Love, & The 3 Levels of Relationships
  2. Session 2: Unique Self & Unique Self Symphony, Love Languages, The Six Big Bangs, & The Emergence of Evolutionary Relationships
  3. Session 3: From Man/Woman through Genderqueer to Unique Gender – Lines & Circles All the Way Up & All the Way Down
  4. Session 4: Light & Shadow, Hierarchy & Status, & the Beauty of the Line
  5. Session 5: The Universe: A Love Story – Entering the World of Lines
  6. Session 6: Take Responsibility for Your Own Arousal & Embrace Your Unique Risk
  7. Session 7: The World of the Circle: Enlightenment Is Intimacy with All Things
  8. Session 8: Potent Precision, & Spacious Expansion: The Higher Integration of Lines & Circles – Liberation from Loneliness through Evolutionary Relationships

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Becoming a Future Human Course Image 02aBecoming a Future Human: Changing the Source Code of Reality

A 9-Week, Self-Paced, Online Video Course with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Marc Gafni, and Daniel Schmachtenberger

A Gift and a Call To Play Your Full Role in the Birth of a New Humanity

Who do we need to become in order for humanity to make it though its current dangerous technological adolescence and to create a world that is truly commensurate with our full human, scientific, social, spiritual, and technological capabilities? If you are here to embody your unique gift fully for the benefit of all life and play your role as a steward of the cosmos and the birth of a new humanity, then welcome! This course is for everyone that knows humanity is at the brink of an epochal shift, that believes we can create the world the great sages knew was possible, and that wants to be a part of co-creating that world together.

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God is Eros Course ImageGod Is Eros: Seven Tastes of Sexing

with Dr. Marc Gafni

In order to create the bright future that we yearn for, we need a bold vision of the deepest and most Outrageous LOVE that will prompt us to “be and become” the greatest possible version of ourselves.

The key to our joy and personal fulfillment is to engage erotically in all areas of our lives…

Discover the Secret of Eros in Order to…

  • Experience pleasure, adventure, and freedom in your life
  • Live passionately in your life, all of your relationships, and the work you do in the world
  • Return to innocence but on a whole new level
  • Cultivate an enlightened sexuality that enhances your ability to live more powerfully in all areas of your life
  • Receive the power to live epically & be powerful in the face of challenge

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Reclaiming Eros Course ImageReclaiming Eros

with Dr. Marc Gafni

Imagine being fully expressed with an unstoppable life force that aligned you with the will, the desire, the knowledge and the creative impulse to engage ALL areas of your life full-on; without fear or shame stopping you from moving forward. Imagine the transformative power and positive impact you’d have on your personal relationships and potentially be a major influence in the world.

Uncover the Secret Powers of Eros in Order to…

  • Become fully alive, fulfilled, and at home in your own life
  • Live a life of passion, purpose, and integrity to fulfill your most important goals
  • Discover a new relationship to sexuality as teaching you how to live erotically in all the non-sexual dimensions of your life
  • Enrich not just our personal existence but our whole society
  • Find the power to kindle radical Outrageous Love in your life for your loved ones and beyond
  • Reimagine your life and all of the reality to create the world that works for everyone
  • Find joy, vitality, and success in every area of your life

This is the ideal companion to our think tank book A Return to Eros by Dr. Marc Gafni and Dr. Kristina Kincaid.

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loving your way to enlightenment Course ImageLoving Your Way to Enlightenment

with Dr. Marc Gafni

In this video course, professionally filmed on location during the First Festival of Love in Holland, you will learn in just 8 weeks, how to

  • Live an epic life of passion and purpose
  • Play a larger game in your life and your relationships
  • Find healing in the embrace of the Divine Mother
  • Move beyond loneliness
  • See with God’s Eyes in order to Love and keep your heart open under all circumstances
  • Experience deep connection and shared purpose in your relationships

Participate in the evolution of love itself and become a force of healing and transformation in the world

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Pleasure Map Course ImagePleasure Map

with Adam Gilad and Dr. Marc Gafni

The universe is sending you unique gifts of pleasure every second!

Are you receiving them?

With The Pleasure Map, you will not only gain the skills of experiencing pleasure completely, but also you will discover how this allows you deeper love, purpose, inner peace and impact on the world beyond your dreams.

This program, delivered in over 50 short video lessons, gives you both a Map and accompanying practices to help you re-chart your life from pleasure. In the end, this opens for you a whole new integrated dharma of love.

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Awakening Your Unique Self Course ImageAwakening Your Unique Self

with Dr. Marc Gafni

In just 10 weeks, learn a simple step-by-step process to awaken and activate the full potential of your life. The program takes you on a journey of waking up, growing up, and showing up as your most gorgeous Unique Self.

In order to do that, the course uses one of the most powerful psychoactive technologies to facilitate your awakening.

Through that, you discover your life’s purpose and learn how to bring an awakened, heart-centered intelligence to the sobering challenges facing our rapidly evolving world through world service and lived purpose.

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WakeUp GrowUp ShowUp Course ImageWake Up – Grow Up – Show Up: Up-Level Your Consciousness

A 4 Week Online Self-Study Course with Dr. Marc Gafni

In this course, Dr. Marc Gafni takes you through a psychoactive process to up-level your own consciousness. By participating in this short course you will be directly participating in the evolution of consciousness which is the evolution of love.

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Meet Dr. Marc Gafni, Visionary Philosopher,
Author, and Social Innovator

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