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Audio 17: Your Instrument Is Needed

The Greatest Story Ever Told: Audio series with Barbara Marx Hubbard & Marc Gafni

Dr. Marc Gafni:

Welcome everyone to podcast 17, and it’s our third podcast, 15 and 16 were on the same topic. We’re going deeper and deeper, ever dive deeper into Unique Self Symphony. This is Marc Gafni. I’m here with Barbara Marx Hubbard and we are telling together, with you, with us, the greatest story ever told. And Barbara, you talked about this really core idea, right, we need to be needed. It’s a core human need, to know that I’m needed. But what we do is, we exhaust that need in being needed by another person. We feel like “Okay, I need to be needed.” That means somebody’s got to need me, right?

And what often happens is, when someone is married or partnered and their partner passes, their partner of many years passes, they actually deteriorate and often die immediately afterwards, unless they can reclaim the core experience of being needed. And we exile the experience of being needed right to a very, very narrow dimension of our lives. If we really get the nature of reality we understand we’re needed by reality. We’re needed in the unique self symphony. That’s the implication of uniqueness. If we would use a phrase from Tibetan Buddhism, the pointing out instruction of uniqueness, is you’re needed.

You weren’t an accident, you’re not an extra, you’re irreducibly unique in all these ways, atomic signature, cellular signature, subatomic signature, immune system, all the organ organisms and the way they relate to each other, DNA, RNA. This was not an accident, you’re needed. You’re a unique expression, it took the universe billions of years to manifest or, said differently, your instrument is needed in the unique self symphony.

This is a big waking up. This is what it means to awaken, and to awaken to know that my instrument is needed in the unique self symphony. Not only does Bob or Charles need me, which is gorgeous, that’s an expression of being needed, but I’m needed at the very core of reality. Reality needs my service, maybe to help Bob and Martha, but not just to help Bob and Martha, not exhausted by Bob and Martha. My unique case, my unique quality of intimacy, my unique perspective and insight, my unique capacities are needed by all that is.

So what do I need to realize for this awakening? I’ve got to realize I’m not separate and I’m not a skin encapsulated ego. I study systems theory, general dynamics theory, chaos theory, complexity theory, I realize I’m not separate from all that is. And then I study the interior sciences of enlightenment and I realize I’m actually part of the seamless code of the universe, I’m part of the field of intimacy.

Then the exterior perspective, back to systems theory, but exactly what enlightenment tells us from an interior perspective. I realize that the notion of a separate self that’s separate from all that is, with it’s own rights that exist because it’s separate, that’s an illusion. There is no separate self. I am, I’m not just “I am”, I am part of the whole system, not just “I am”. I am part of the whole system. I’m an integrated part of the largest … of the universe that’s now uniquely expressing, manifesting as me. I am the intention of the larger field. The cosmos intended me, the cosmos chooses me, the cosmos needs me, the cosmos adores me. Do you get that? The cosmos recognizes me, and the cosmos needs me. The cosmos turns to me in its personal face and says, “I need you. I need your service, I need your gifts. You’ve got an irreducible unique gift but it took me, cosmos, billions of years to manifest. And it can only be manifest and expressed incarnate in you.” So give it over, brother, give it over sister.

Let’s kind of get this, right? Let’s get this, it’s really beautiful. Let’s go back to the beginning of our conversation and podcast 16, last podcast. Our question was, remember Barbara, who are you, and we said you’re an irreducibly unique expression of the love and intelligence and love beauty of all that is. It lives in you, as you and through you. Let’s now kind of double-click. Let’s double-click on the phrase “love intelligence”. What’s love intelligence? Is that some kind of Harlequin romance? Maybe. Is it a Pollyannish idea? No. It’s not a New Age idea.

Love Intelligence is the intelligent quality of reality. It’s the eros of reality. It’s reality that manifested photosynthesis and mitosis and miosis of dazzling complexity, that all the super computers together couldn’t manifest. Before there was a neocortex, before there was even mind, reality is intelligence. So love intelligence is the eros of reality moving towards more and more connectivity, more and more intimacy, more and more wholeness.

It’s the evolutionary energy, it’s the evolutionary eros, if you will, it’s the divine energy. Now however you want to tell that story it’s that energy, that evolutionary eros that moves reality to higher and higher levels of love, towards higher and higher levels of caring, towards higher and higher levels of intimacy, of recognizing each other, expanded circles of caring, more and more complexity, more and more uniqueness, more and more creativity, more and more interconnectivity between our internal organs and between us as ostensibly separate beings, more and more aliveness, more and more pleasure. That’s what it means. The universe is evolving and ultimately awakening as Barbara.

Because actually, and we’re going to really get unique self symphony here in a deep way, but the trajectory of reality is from unconscious uniqueness to conscious uniqueness. Uniqueness isn’t an accident, it’s an essential property of reality. Evolution, that I was sharing with our colleague Barbara, Ervin Laszlo, we were talking about evolution moving from simplicity to complexity. So I gently pointed out that what’s complexity if not uniqueness. What’s complexity if not uniqueness that creates more interconnectivity because uniqueness itself is the currency of connection.

But the universe is, at least in the beginning, unconsciously unique. Then as the universe evolves, it gets more complex. Dog’s more complex than an amoeba and a dog’s also more unique than an amoeba. The dog also has more interior love, more interconnectivity. That’s what love means, more interconnectivity than an amoeba. And the dog can also make better friends with its owner than an amoeba, which is why people have pet dogs and not a lot of pet amoebas around. Why? Because you don’t have that level of interconnectivity, interiority of love with an amoeba that you do with a dog. Because evolution’s emerging, it’s evolving, a dog’s more complex, more unique more loving. That’s the trajectory of evolution.

Then you get to human beings. Remember, human beings build hospitals. For those who are weak, that’s shocking. Human beings have the ability to awaken from unconscious to conscious uniqueness which is really the core quality from unconscious to conscious evolution. Barbara, what you talk about so much, conscious evolution, the human being actually awakenes as the love intelligence and begins to give their unique gift.

Now, imagine a politics of unique self. Imagine a world which is politics of unique self symphonies, politics of evolutionary love. Imagine a world in which every human being awakens their unique self and identifies and addresses their unique need and their unique circle of intimacy and can give their unique gift. But then we realize, we all realize we can’t do it ourselves. Our gifts are insufficient, we need a larger framework. We need to awaken to the symphony that we’re actually born into and then as human beings begin to self-organize according to the strange attractors, the allurement of their unique self to give their unique gift in a particular dimension of reality.

That process of self-organization creates a new level of complexity, a new level of collective intelligence and new level of symphony and symphonizing because that’s how self-organization works. Self-organization allows simple rules, that’s how self-organization works, very simple rules. So, for example, being kind, paying attention to each other, being with as much integrity as we can. And those simple rules get applied and exponentialized, we begin to have the complex gorgeous expression of unique self symphony. Like wow. When human beings awaken as unique self, which is to be unique expression of the love and intelligence of reality, and begin to give their unique gifts in larger pods of larger fields, in unison, in harmony, in resonance with each other, symphonizing with each other, and what’s birtht is the unique self-symphony.

And in the unique self symphony, it’s so wildly exciting, it’s not top down, it’s bottom up. Yet the symphony is individuated playing their instrument, but their instrument in relationship to other instruments. Then they even move from symphony to jazz, as we talked about two weeks ago in the podcast. There’s a kind of jazz symphony. You actually create something that is an emergent, which never was before. A unique self symphony by itself you can do a new rendition of the symphony, that’s the emergent. And jazz, it’s unique self are in jazz together and jazz symphonic resonance together actually create new emergents that never were before new symphonies, they were never written. On the one hand you’re totally involved in your instrument, you’re completely passionately related, integrated with what you’re doing and yet you’re totally paying attention to everything else that’s happening in the larger symphony. Wow.

So that’s ten minutes, right? I’m going to pass over to my beloved symphonizer, we’re symphonizing together, to lady Barbara, Barbara Marx Hubbard and take us the next step in this jazz unfolding.

Barbara Marx Hubbard:

Well I want to mention something really obvious here, is you need, each unique self needs to be needed to give its gift the whole way. It can’t give it into a vacuum. So then it seeks those who might need it. Let’s say we’ll take just you and me here as an example, as I said before, I’m a unique self with a unique self yearning to communicate this larger story. Well I needed to find somebody who really needed that new story, rather than saying, “Oh, why are you doing that part? What’s going on with you?” So you needed it, and then I neededin order to fulfill my own uniqueness, no way of telling the story, you’re passionate about it, yout desire to do more of it together.

And you said, let’s join genius in order to give our unique gift to one another joining genius then comes into a new dimension of reality. We’ve been calling it becoming a new human, but it also could be called love. It could be called evolutionary love. So that the unique self symphony structure of each person needing to give their gift and finding where they’re needed and joining with others who might need them that they need, joining genius in self organizing creativity, generates more and more love.

It’s so interesting, Marc, of how do we get things to happen in this world right now, faced with the existential crises of environment, intelligence, justice and poverty, etc. Wouldn’t it be really a great plan if what mother nature has in mind here is more and more love in order to fulfill our deepest need to be needed to give our gift. So I’d like to imagine for a moment with you, Marc, the unique self symphony increasing, enhancing love, by people finding each other to give their gift and joining genius with one another, not only on a local scale, not only in small groups, but let’s imagine it now going into what Teilhard de Chardin, my great inspirer called the noosphere, the noosphere or the planetary nervous system or the social media.

Imagine for a moment in the unique self symphony each note going into the internet as we are right now on this podcast and finding who needs us most, not just locally or happen to be next to us, but globally. So then you would find yourself being needed as a scale with awesome. What’s happening to anyone who says yes to their own unique self, I want to be part of the symphony, I’m going to find who needs me and to feel that they’re not only just one or two people in the world that needs you but many people need you when you’re giving your gift. Then you turn onto a symphony inside yourself.

I want to conclude with the thought of the unique self symphony arousing inside each one of us, a frequency of the self-creating universe itself internalized. I can feel it this very moment, but the symphony inside me giving a gift that might be needed because I need to be needed and on this podcast we need each other in order to do this. Feel the internalization of the symphony.

Dr. Marc Gafni:

Oh, my God, amen, yeah.

Barbara Marx Hubbard:

Thank you. It’s love, love, love!

Dr. Marc Gafni:

Yeah, unique self symphony is the evolution of love. We’ll pick up from there next week. Love you Lady B, next week, week 18, deeper dive into this new emergent structure of reality, synergistic, more than ever was before, greater than the sum of the parts, anthologically orthogonal, just a fancy way of saying qualitatively different than anything that was before, a higher level of love. Have a gorgeous weekend everyone, next week. Thank you, B.

Barbara Marx Hubbard:

Bye, goodbye.

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