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Beyond Venus & Mars: The Next Step In Masculine & Feminine

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Last week, Dr. Marc Gafni participated as a speaker in The Shakti Summit that had over 6000 people from 99 countries. The wisdom and insights shared contributed to positive changes in thousands of lives.

During the summit, Dr. Gafni joined some wonderful colleagues – including host Lisa Schrader and inspired teachers such as Sai Maa, Jeff Brown, CIW leader Sally Kempton, Sheri Winston and others – who shared their takes on how you can live the wisdom of the feminine face of essence by accessing the Shakti fire that is available to you.

Listen to this dialogue on Outrageous Love and a new vision for the Masculine and the Feminine:


This interview was part of The Shakti Summit 2015, a free online event which featured today’s world-renowned experts sharing insights and deep wisdom to help ignite a passionate life overflowing with joy, vitality, sensuality and love. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

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