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Daily Wisdom Post, The Creative Gaze

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The Kabbalists were often referred to as mistaklim or chozim, roughly translated as the Lookers or Seers.  To get a handle on what that might mean, just imagine how we feel when someone looks at us with erotic, loving eyes.  We feel energized, uplifted, and embraced.  We become more vibrant, audacious, and alive. We feel safer in the world.  The sense of alienation, separateness, and loneliness of our empty days and painful nights seems to life.

The more steady the loving gaze is, the more we can steady ourselves and chart our direction and purpose on the path of being. It begins with the loving eyes of mother and father — our first lovers — and continues throughout our lives.  Love’s eyes sustain us, nourish us, and connect us to the essential aliveness that courses through the universe.  Being seen makes us alove and alive.  The same is true of God.  The gaze of the mystic sustains and even “creates” God.

The Mystery of Love
Dr. Marc Gafni
Pages 125, 126

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