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Emotional Mastery is Vital to Deep Spiritual Intelligence

Marc Gafni » Blog - Spiritually Incorrect » Daily Wisdom Post » Integral Evolutionary Kabbalah » Tears » Emotional Mastery is Vital to Deep Spiritual Intelligence

by Marc Gafni

Color Tree

From a work in progress, Dance of Tears:

Our goal is to be able to access and listen to the voice of deep emotion and detect within it the voice of God. This is how these mystics read the text, “The masters are those who have mastery over their hearts.” Mastery, a kind of spiritual emotional intelligence, is understood as the ability to be not merely emotionally reactive, welling up with tears, laughter or anger only in response to some external event. To be a master is the ability to identify and access a broad range of deep emotions at will, using those depth emotions to guide and interpret reality with the eyes of God. While the intellect clearly remains a vital tool, the prophetic kabbalistic tradition insists that one who engages spirit, “with only mind and intellect….cannot attain the level of the Garden of Eden …. the inner emotional work of amazement, deep feeling and ecstasy … in this world {which is} part of the enlightenment of the higher worlds.” It is only by doing this work that “you can experience your future redeemed world, your portion in the Garden of Eden … in this world.”

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