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Integral Love Meditation with Dr. Marc Gafni

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Love is more than just a feeling. Enlightened teachers through the ages have told us that love is the dynamic ground of all reality. If that’s true, then love can be seen as the actual force that drives evolution—the force the Greeks called Eros—as well as the enlivening joy that opens the heart.

So what is love, when we see it from both a personal and an evolutionary perspective? How do we find it, nurture it, and sustain it?

In this Integral Love Meditation, Dr. Marc Gafni guides us through the heart-gate of love and invites us to engage in a new Integral Love Practice.


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Dr. Marc Gafni holds his doctorate from Oxford University. He is a rabbi and an iconoclastic teacher ofKabbalah and World Spirituality. He is the co-director of the Integral Life Spiritual Center and Integral Spiritual Experience. He is a core founder and faculty member of iEvolve: Global Practice Community.

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