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Evolution Happens Through You

From a not yet published essay by Marc Gafni on “The Universe: A Love Story”

When you realize that the universe is a love story and that you are a leading actor, the question of identity is resolved once and for all. Who are you? You are a Unique Self. You are a unique expression of the evolutionary impulse. Evolutionary love incarnates as you, in your personhood. Chaos and complexity theory teach us that the world is a tapestry, an interweaving of inseparable and interconnected elements, every part of which fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. You are a unique piece in that tapestry, a particular puzzle-piece piece in reality. You have a unique perspective, a unique, energetic flavor, and a unique relationship to the whole. You have unique gifts and unique purposes that are essentially needed by reality. In the universe’s love story, there are no extras on the set. Each person has outrageous acts of love to commit. Each person stands as the co-creator at the abyss of darkness and speaks to a corner of the world where lack of love can only be addressed by him or her alone.

The awakening to Outrageous Love is the realization that you are not only a spectator, but an irreducibly unique actor in the universe story. The universe awakens as you and through you. You are ultimately needed by All-That-Is. No one else can do it—whatever it is for you—other than you. And it desperately needs to be done if we are to live in a world of Outrageous Love. Once you understand the story line and realize your place in it as an actor, you start to see that you need a script.

The script arises from within you, as you become aware of yourself as a Unique Self. Your script emerges from the paradoxical realization of both your absolute sameness and absolute uniqueness. To awaken as an Outrageous Lover is to awaken as the irreducibly unique incarnation of the love/intelligence and love/beauty of all that is living in you, as you and through you. You are part of everything and a distinct expression of everything. This is what it means to be a Unique Self, living within the overall operating system of reality, aligned with the interior laws of Outrageous Love that govern the universe.

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