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From the Holy of Holies: Kosmic Sensitivity and Dissolving the Layers

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Transcribed by Adael Bullock, Holy of Holies, Private Session, October, 2013


photo 1Marc – So I am sensitive, I am the dynamic of kosmic sensitivity but then I have taken in this kind of infinite pain, every ripple, and I do not want to live with that nor should I live with that.  So what do I do?  So in my sensitivity, as I strip the layers aside and realize that this sensitivity is the sensitivity of the kosmos, are you with me? So I strip the layers, strip it aside, strip it aside, and I find that the core of the sensitivity is God, is the Divine, is Source.  Source, all that is.  Consciousness itself.  When I actually make the tantric move, and tantra means to follow something to its root, when I make the tantric move of following something to its root, I find that the source of the sensitivity is Source, is Divinity.  And then that divinity melts away the hurt.    It transforms the hurt, into the proud wound of love which I wear as a badge of courage and power and honor.

It takes out the bitterness of sensitivity and leaves, in just a fluttering of skin at its touch,  in sensuousness, it leaves the beauty of it.

E H – While allowing the embrace of the wounds.  It is the opposite of contraction.

Marc – Yes, while allowing the embrace of the wounds.  Yes, that is exactly right.

E H – I am so feeling into, this is the true ground from which to embrace, know, feel, be sensitive to all the wounding that there it is.

Marc – It is the only ground.  Feel, not to block it off but to feel it and to love open through the pain.  And then let it go.  It is the same sensitivity which absorbs, now here is the big sentence, it is the same sensitivity which absorbs, the ocean which absorbs everything, also dissolves.  You absorb and you dissolve.  Now can you feel that?

E H – Yes, yes.

Marc – The same quality of kosmic sensitivity which absorbs, also dissolves.  Wow.  That’s kind of awesome!

E H – Wow. Wow. Wow.  Beautiful.

Marc – Let’s take this into practice.  And just really, a deep intake of a particular part of your unique self.  It is all good, we loved it up!  Oh my God, it is awesome!  “I can see clearly now the rain is gone!”  Awesome song and you are an awesome woman!



10362_563571473686712_1875177207_nElizabeth Helen Adael Bullock is a Center for Integral Wisdom Senior Editor and empowered Senior Teacher of Unique Self. Adael has been trained in Introductory and Advanced Shalom Retreat Leadership Process. She has also completed training in Tantra, 5 Rhythms, Insight and Metta meditation, creative Teachings-from-the-Holy-of-Holies-1writing, and Integral Theory. Adael is currently editing the CIW think-tank book Teachings from the Holy of Holies: Daily Reflections on World Spirituality.

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