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How to Live an Awakened Life

In order to live an awakened life, we need some wisdom to live by. It is the World Spirituality Dharma of Unique Self and Evolutionary Love that provides us with the Integral Wisdom to guide us every day. Our post-postmodern Dharma is not Dogma, but the best take on reality we have based on pre-modern, modern, and postmodern insights, weaving together what we know about the patterns that connect.

Enjoy this collection of 7 Dharma Quotes Graphics for Living an Awakened Life by Dr. Marc Gafni.

Apply these pearls of wisdom in your everyday life and become unstoppable in living and expressing the Outrageous Love at the core of your most gorgeous Unique Self.

>> 7 Dharma Quotes for Living an Awakened Life <<

When you live an awakened life, you will:

  • Step so deeply into the pleasure of being that you are literally making love with life.
  • Realize that every generation is responsible for the evolution of consciousness and that it is our turn now.
  • Transform grasping into purposeful action and resignation into activism.

>> 7 Dharma Quotes for Living an Awakened Life <<

From the Quotes for Living an Awakened Life:

>> 7 Dharma Quotes for Living an Awakened Life <<

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