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Identifying & Transforming Your False Self

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by Dr. Marc Gafni

All the great traditions tell us about two selves. A true self and a false or fallen self.

Whenever someone realizes their true self they are realizing that they are part of the larger one. The overall number of true selves is one.

Your personalized expression of true self is your Unique Self.

The realization that true self shows up differently through ever pair of eyes is the realization of Unique Self. In the old enlightenment, true self was understood to erase all distinctions. In the new enlightenment, you realize that your enlightenment has a perspective. Your perspective.

Your gift to God is to allow God to look through your unique set of eyes. To love other is to see through God’s eyes. To love God is to let God see through your eyes. To do so, you must cleanse the doors of perception that distort your vision.

You must remove any obstacle or hindrance to your clear vision. All distorting prisms must be clarified. The distorting prism is called the false self. The nature of reality is that a false self develops. This is not bad or tragic or traumatic. It is very clearly the spiritual plan of the Uni-verse, core to the plot of your story.

Life is the recovery of memory. Not only the memory of the past but the memory of the future. In this precise sense, hope is a memory of the future. In the teachings of the old masters, the first act the initiate does upon awakening in the morning is “to remember the future world.” You are born with a glimmering taste of essence.  {Yes, tastes do glimmer.} You are not born good, or loving, or enlightened. You evolve up from Eden. The initial taste of essence that is the very ground and goal of your being is forgotten. It is both the memory of your past and the memory of your future. It is displaced into unconsciousness when you enter the world. You believe that your false self is your true identity. You get lost in the now, forgetting both your past and your future. …

Your Unique Self is who you really are. It is the unique expression of your enlightenment. The problem is that you have gotten so used to living and reacting from your false self, that you have forgotten that it is not your true self.

You live inside of your false self but you have forgotten that this is so.

The act of remembering is to make your false self visible. It is to identify the hidden chains that will not allow you to soar. You only soar with your own wings. You Unique Self.  Most of what is damaging and destructive in your life is rooted in the distortion of self in which you live. You are living inside all of the limiting and distorting prisms of your false self. Step out of the distortion, up-level your consciousness, and step into your life. This is the memory of your future. You cannot be anything you are not willing to become.

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