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The Incomplete Revolution of the 60’s

God Is Eros Course Lesson 1: After Dancing to the Age of Aquarius

In this video, Dr. Marc Gafni explains why the revolution of the 60’s didn’t work, what was missing, and how we can fix that.

  • Why experience isn’t enough.
  • How every experience is interpreted through our frameworks.
  • Why we should never become grownups.
  • Why sex is an experience that gets interpreted through our dharma.
  • How sex is love in the body.

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Sex is love in the body.

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God Is Eros: Seven Tastes of Sexing with Marc Gafni

God is Eros Course ImageIn order to create the bright future that we yearn for, we need a bold vision of the deepest and most Outrageous LOVE that will prompt us to “be and become” the greatest possible version of ourselves.

The key to our joy and personal fulfillment is to engage erotically in all areas of our lives…

Discover the Secret of Eros in Order to…

  • Experience pleasure, adventure, and freedom in your life
  • Live passionately in your life, all of your relationships, and the work you do in the world
  • Return to innocence but on a whole new level
  • Cultivate an enlightened sexuality that enhances your ability to live more powerfully in all areas of your life
  • Receive the power to live epically & be powerful in the face of challenge

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Meet Dr. Marc Gafni, Visionary Philosopher,
Author, and Social Innovator