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Join Dr. Marc Gafni for the Fourth Summer Festival of Love in Holland 2015

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We are delighted to invite YOU to

The Summer Festival of LOVE

The second annual European Integral Wisdom Conference on Love, Eros and Enlightenment

Lines and Circles

The Inner Marriage/The Alchemy

The power in Your Unique combination of Masculine and Feminine

Each morning we’ll study and practice with Dr. Marc Gafni the unique way in wich you are a Masculine/Feminine bi-gender being.

In the afternoon a stunning group of teachers and leaders are geared to deepen and integrate. You can choose: ‘Intimacy and Eros’, ‘Evolutionary Leadership’, ‘Unique Self and Outrageous Love’, ‘Circling’ (integral relating), breath work, Art & Expression and much more. You can also opt for an individual session, a massage, a dip in the hot tub or a walk on our beautiful estate.

In the evening there will be music, dance and special gatherings. For our younger guests there is a special program, so you can bring your kids.

“All forms of reality that don’t have in them
the marriage of masculine and Feminine
are no reality at all.
There is no higher form.
They have no potency and no blessing in them.”

“Blessing only flows when the Masculine and the Feminine dance in their Higher One.”

– The Zohar

Lines and Circles

The Inner Marriage of Masculine and Feminine

In some sense, lines are masculine and circles are feminine…

The reason we use these words is to get away from the concepts of ‘man’ and ‘woman’. Instead, we recognize the different qualities of the two energies.

You cannot access your Eros without accessing your Unique Self. You cannot experience your full aliveness other than through the portal of your irreducibly Unique Expression of the Intelligence of the Cosmos that lives in you, as you and through you.

What is your Unique Self? One of the most powerful expressions of your Unique Self is unique balance, the unique integration, the unique interplay and dance of the lines and circles that live inside you.

The unique combination of your masculine and feminine core qualities live in you, unlike they do in any other human being. To awaken into your enlightenment, to awaken as an Outrageous Lover, to awaken to your full aliveness, is therefore to awaken to the precise, unique combination of the masculine and the feminine characteristics that live in you, as you, and through you.

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