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Kosmic Love Affair: Marc Gafni

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Cosmic love affair

A young man walks in on Master Baruch and his wife in the midst of a heated argument. Startled, he quickly turns away. Baruch responds with a wink, ‘You don’t understand. You have just witnessed a discussion between God and the Shechina.” To experience the large presence of the masculine and feminine in the play of your personal life is to begin to experiences your life as a mystic. A particular kind of mystic. A Kabbalist. The most central and daring formula of the hebrew mystics of kabbalah was Leshem Yichud- may this act be for the sake of uniting the higher masculine and the higher feminine. This erotic formula of consciousness and intention was said not only in the context of the sexual but before an enormous array of sacred and mundane activity. Another expression of the expansion of the erotic beyond the narrow boundaries of the sexual.

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