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Life is what you do with your emptiness: Marc Gafni

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Life is what you do with your emptiness.

Life is about walking through the void. Every time we walk through and not around the void we come out stronger. Every time we are seduced by pseudo-eros, ethical breakdown is around the corner. There is no ethics without eros.

Now this idea is a big deal. All this talk about eros is really about ethics. Eros is the drive for wholeness. Eros is fullness. When Eros breaks down we reach for pseudo -eros. Pseudo-Eros are false experiences of wholeness. The things we do to make us feel whole that are cover ups and paper overs.

We intuit Eros. We intuit Atman as the Hindus would say. We intuit wholeness and only in it are we healthy and happy. When we do not realize wholeness something in us, that which is most essential, is devastated. We seek substitutes. These substitute satisfactions are pseudo eros.

Pretending to be a prophet, blogging, bad sex, petty power mongering disguised as idealism, desperate attention to legacy – all our forms of substitute satisfaction, of Pseudo Eros.

Watch out for Pseudo Eros!


have a great night.

And before signing off; one last thing. Bill Clinton was wonderful at the convention tonight. He Rocked! The man has walked to a level of hate blogs and adversity that are difficult to conceive. And he has done it with dignity and grace. Wow!

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