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Living the Erotic Life

Listen to this brief excerpt on Living the Erotic Life and the Democratization of Enlightenment from a teaching by Dr. Marc Gafni at the Shalom Mountain Wisdom School in 2014:

Some quotes:

It’s only you who know if you are living the Erotic Life or not. We are referring to Eros in the Plato sense here.

It used to be that the heroic figures were the Judah figures [= the enlightened ones, the messianic figures]. The rest of the people lived their lives.

What the Democratization of Enlightenment means is that we are all called to be Judah, to be Tamar.

There is this new realization that by me being Tamar, I can change everything.

Every human being lives at a pivoting point of destiny. Any human being living their life to the fullest, as an Outrageous Lover, has the potential to ricochet through the entire story and to change something in the source code.

By following and responding to the Erotic Call of Unique Self and committing the Outrageous Acts of Love that are mine to commit I change everything.

However, it’s got to be outrageous. It’s not casual. It requires a stepping up. That’s why this is a mystical path, it’s an esoteric path, it’s an elite path… we’ve got to lead with this path.

How can I be an Outrageous Lover? What would that look like?

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